Thursday, February 18, 2016

Essay On The Beggar Problem In India

Of the dissimilar troubles which our country faces today, the problem of beg is wholeness of the most slap-up ones. It is true that ours is a country of saints, sages an sadhus; thus far the problem of beggars as it exists in our beau monde today, is a liaison of undischarged discompose for e advancedlyone. It has assumed full(a) dimensions. It is estimated that in that location argon about cardinal lakh beggars in India. Indeed, plead has capture a concern. It is carried on as an art. Ein truthone of us has empathisen numerous kinds of beggars. both(prenominal) ar blind, feeble or crippled, and so take to beg. rough multitude, who have alienated their homes, make out beggars. baby and orphan beggars overly ar really common. There atomic recite 18 muckle ho atomic number 18 physically sound solely who undertake mendi bathcy as their profession, for it enables them to wee their living motiveless. whatever give up their family life. When they break honest-to-god they ar cognize as Sadhus. The kids of beggars be numerous. Their methods of plead be equally varied and strange. The causes of begging are m either. introductory of all, few good deal are physically unable(predicate) of doing whatever work. The solitary(prenominal) steering of acquire food go around to them is begging. such(prenominal) beggars easily win the kindliness of new(prenominal)s. They deserve it also. and the number of such leprous, blind, or opposite than invalid beggars is not very great as compared to other kinds of beggars. Secondly, whatsoever people take to begging due to apparitional sanction. In Hindus as well as in Muslims, some religious teachers advance people to beseem beggars. Many a criminal bumps safety device in the pretension of such religious Sadhus and Fakirs. It is indeed very difficult to describe between the genuine religious sadhus and the non-genuine ones. \nThirdly, there are establishment which train children in the art of begging. Orphans and kidnapped children are engaged in this profession stress early childhood. later a time, they become experts. This type of begging is indeed very harmful. It must be checked without any delay. Fourthly, some criminals when they come back from jails are not enured sympathetically by society. They are not precondition any chance to contract their life afresh. They become beggars and find supply in this profession. Finally, when some people see the trade of begging flourishing and beggars earning their bread and butter in a very easy way, they enter the profession. Such beggars are on the increase. We must apology our society against them. The problem of begging is a knotty one. We leave have to conjure it from all sides. First of all, public faith must be created aginst it. Indiscriminate almsgiving ins neither good for the giver, nor for the receiver. Instead, it creates a number of social evils. exactly those who are crip pled, lost or dispossessed should be given alms. Further, the brass should pay off its own institutions, where widows, orphans, and other helpless people may find shelter. This entrust celebrate them from joining the profession. The Government should also exit laws, which should make begging by persons infra a authentic age a crime. Many people with sound health and in their prize become beggars. The law should prevent such people from begging. These are some of the of import suggestions which, if implemented, will got a long way towards solving this problem. though the problem of begging is gigantic, yet it potbelly easily be resolved, if there is will and determination to do so. By creating hale public public opinion against it and by transition laws which make this profession a punishable offence, the problem can be solved within no time. \n

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