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The History of Incarceration in the United States. The Use of Private Essay

The History of Incarceration in the United States. The Use of Private Prisons to Incarcerate Prison Inmates - shew ExampleSince this was the time of the plantation era of our ordering, it was deemed wise to make use of the prisoners as manual laborers in the factories and plantations. Originated in Auburn, New York, the Congregate System prisoners were expected to live their incarcerated lives dedicated to penance and contemplation since cabaret placed a high value on religious beliefs being the basis for forgiveness of sins. payable to the failure of the Congregate System in terms of helping incarcerated men and women reform and help them gallop better lives after leaving prison, the Congregate system had to give way to a new order of internment known as the Reformatory Prison (Johnson, Dobrankza & Palla, 2005). This type of enslavement was used to help grow really reformed citizens who would become part of the kindlyly acceptable era of disciplined gentlemen and ladies. T he men were make to participate in military drills in case they were needed to help fight wars, and women were taught the norms of housekeeping and social decorum. (p.6) Both were expected to become productive parts of the new guild once they were released back into the world-wide population of the time. However, both the Congregate and Reformatory systems proved to be ill effective in their captivity methods. Neither method actually provided truly reformed inmates who could be released into mainstream society and be expected to be of any beneficial use to the public. Instead, they always fell back on their old ways and finish up incarcerated yet again. Such dismal failures were the Congregate System and Reformatory Systems that both methods were discontinued and a new type of incarceration was introduced. This became known as the era of the Big syndicate. This was the era of remarkable economic and social growth for the United States thanks to the advent of the rail road. The prisoners, worked as part of fibril Gangs and participated in most of the construction work that the government was undertaking at the time. Remember, this was in the 1930s so our society was beginning to come into its own as part of a highly progressive and modernizing nation. Since our society had a need for male professionals in the workplace and the women were the epitome of housekeeping success, it made sense to use prisoners for the humble and hard labor jobs whenever possible. The Big House can be considered to be the first successful incarceration system in the United States that employed Corporal Punishment to any prisoner who refused to reform. Although considered to be a drastic punishment, the Corporal punishment worked wonders on the prisoners who were successfully reformed. However, even with those punishments in place, the Big House was quiet a more humane and effective method when it came to helping reform the incarcerated. This is attributed to the fact that the incarcerated Big House members were given a sense of freedom while in the prison and submitting to the will of the prison administrators. then allowing the incarcerated who truly wanted to reform a chance to mend their ways by proving their worth to society in their government assigned places of work like the Chain Gangs of the railroad tracks. (p.9). The early era incarceration system placed too much value on the norms of the outside world for it to be truly effective in reforming the prisoners. They neglected to recognize that while the person is in prison, he would be despicable in a different kind of society. One that would dictate whether he survived to see his

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Critical Review Persostent effects of cognitivebrhavioural stress Essay

Critical Review Persostent effects of cognitivebrhavioural stress maagment on cortisol responses to acute stress in healthy subjects - Essay ExamplePsychological stress brings loss of cortisol, a stress hormone that maintains physiological and psychological equilibrium. If cortisol is released in embellished magnitude, it brings harmful effects non only on somatic health but also impairs cognitive functioning.It is appargonnt that stress-induced variations of hypothalamus-pituitary adrenal (HPA) bloc functioning are implicated in the commencement and upholding of both somatic and psychiatric conditions, these and also comparable to(predicate) arbitrations could be used for anticipation and rehabilitation of these deleterious stress effects.The view is the focus of the article, it is the body of work carried appear to examine the long-term effects of cognitive-behavioral stress caution (CBSM) training on cortisol stress management in healthy men and women. The article emphasize s the impact of CBSM training to attenuate cortisol stress responses in both men and women.The article presents a sight that there is a slight variation between the sexes in response to the CBSM training. Any change in the execution of HPA axis activity alters the circadian bout of cortisol secretion and also high plasma cortisol levels (Touitou et al). Various laboratory and environmental stressors are linked to HPA axis response causing upper respiratory tract infection (Cohen et al, 2002) and long-term implications on cardiovascular-related incidences and also type 2 diabetes in men (Rosmond et al , 2003) and also incriminated turned down reposition performance in women (Seeman et al,1997 or fractures in men and women (Greendale et al, 1999). Knowing these impacts and their devastating consequences the article throws light on the modulation of cortisol levels by conducting randomized controlled trial study. The study also explains an examination of stability over time and gene ralizability with regards to gender of endocrine effects of CBSM in healthy undivideds.AnalysisThe subjects taken in this study were three hundred and fifteen II year psychology students, with due care to reduce individual differences and any external academic stressors. After the primitive screening, selection criterion and questionnaire provided, only 83 subjects were go forth for the analysis. These participants were randomly selected and assigned in eight groups as per the CBSM group sessions with restricted N=12. Of these groups 1-4 were under the give-and-take (N=42) and rest 5-8 were categorized as control groups (N=41). The article has the advantage of selecting the participants for both control and treated groups of trifling demographic variables (including age, gender, habitual smoking, use of oral contraceptives and body mass). The treatment was performed for four months and all the subjects underwent a standardized psychological stress test (Trier Social Stress Test, TSST, Kirschbaum et al, 1993). In this study, TSST was performed for treated CBSM group every 2-week period of time whereas for the controls it is for 4-week period. The article does not imply about the fact that the participant were provided the same kind of

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Providing Treatment to Patients with Chronic Lower Back Pain Assignment

Providing Treatment to Patients with Chronic Lower Back Pain - appellation ExampleFollowing CASP allows the inquiryer to evaluate if the interrogation question illustrated is elaborated and clear enough or not. After evaluating the research question presented at the beginning of the research paper, it was identified that the research question entailed the generalize view of research aim. Careful analysis of research question indicated that the research would require the collection of nurture from different sources and rigorous info handling techniques for identifying emerging themes. However, it did not include the impact of patients profile and cogitate physiotherapists responses on patients behaviour. However, the research aim appeared to display physiotherapists behaviour as an independent figure with no effect of other variables such as their own ethnic and social backgrounds on it. The research question usually investigates the importance of the research, earlier work i n the same field and need for advertise exploration. Considering this criterion, overall research does answer the given questions, however, its relevance to acute diseases and patients reactions is difficult to determine. The research question in like manner fails to define how this research fills in the gap left between previous studies and desired level of information available (Haber and Lobiondo-Wood, 2008). On the other hand, there is a significant literary evidence present that defines how accept in what patient says affects the practice of a healthcare professional, the research question needed to define how patients enter avoids making physiotherapists act like a novice but makes them prone to error caused by enlightening noise (Clarke and Iphofene, 2005 Jenson et al., 1994). Qualitative research can be defined as any kind of research that produces findings not arrived at by means of statistical procedures or other means ofquantification (Strauss and Corbin, 1990). In s cenarios where data collection involves personal histories and explanation of experiences and beliefs, in-depth interviews are more appropriate than any other qualitative method.

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Entrepreneurs Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Entrepreneurs - Essay ExampleWith the successes gathered by high level entrepreneurs who barely attained a high school education in orientation of pursuing their life dreams in entrepreneurship, one concludes that their success was inborn due to their youth and relative in live. enquiry has shown that different aspects are central for one to become a successful entrepreneur. Tomczyk, Lee and Winslow (2012) portend that although genius and motivation (inborn characteristics) affects the entrepreneurial prowess, the factors are, in turn, influenced by adjustable factors such as physiology, family, culture and demographics. Skills and abilities also flirt a crucial role in the establishment of a successful entrepreneur. It is clear that successful entrepreneur combines twain the inborn characteristics such as motivation and personality with gained traits such education and work. This affirms that entrepreneurs are both born and made. The personal attributes of creativity and risk-ta king are excellent foundations for a successful entrepreneur. However, strengthening them with education and experience makes a person stand a better chance of being successful. Otherwise, how would a person be successful if they do not combine both

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Forbes Article Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Forbes word - Research Paper ExampleBove, this could send a very harsh message to many early(a) companies which are headquartered in Philadelphia, New York and Delaware that have a single worker in New Jersey.The bind explains how the scenario of business laws has to undergo change since telecommuting emerged as a plausible form of usance for many, oddly after the recession. However, the ambiguity that exists in the case of telecommuting and the taxes that are to be levied on the basis of it, address by the state of New Jersey, may prove detrimental to the current work arrangements set by many international companies. The best thing about telecommuting had been the fact that companies could employ people works from a place where it does not have to open an office. In cases where a single telecommuter works for a smart set as mentioned above, the states law would mean a huge loss for the company, and a threat of losing the job for the employee. The financial issues involved in t he case puts both the customer and the employee at gamy risk, since both had to compromise a lot for a plausible work arrangement.Ms Thirumalai follows all the employment rules which involves forty hours work per week, travel at her own expense to Rockville twice a year, and use a laptop which she bought with her own money, instead of the one the company provides for the employees who work from their office. The legal case came into existence when the company acknowledged the work arrangement and the state demanded the company file tax on grounds that it kept up(p) an office in the sate. The company refused to do this and moved to court. The Presiding Judge Patrick DeAlmeida explained how the idea of doing business is defined expansively, and the ease that there is only one employer in New Jersey does not change the courts conclusion which favored the states decision. The situation has fired up public debate through and through media channels and newspapers, and the companys deci sion is

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Marie and Pierre Curie Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Marie and Pierre curie - Article ExampleOn top of her educational shortcomings, Curie could non speak fluent French. All of her classes were in French. Instead of bighearted up, Curie began studying in order to succeed. She scrimped on her food rations, rarely eating meat. Curie similarly did not buy coal and had to put wholly her clothes on top of her for warmth. All of these sacrifices were do in order for Curie to receive an education. She did end up graduating at the top of her class in physics and mathematics.The lesson in this article is students straight off need to have the same drive as Curie. Students today have food, shelter, and warmth. Learning for them should be easier. Despite all the obstacles, Curie did the impossible and learned. This story should inspire all students. With hard work and dedication, every student can achieve their goals. The reason students are not achieving what Curie did is the lack of drive and focus. Students today do not want to work hard for their education.The only sight of this woman I did not like was the treatment of her child. Curie got married and had a baby, but these events did not seem important to her. Physics and being in the lab was the most important thing in her life. The role of women at the time was to be married and have children. Curie was different, but did not involution against the system. She did what was expected. Thus the roles of wife and mother were not given 100%. Curie could have done

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International Business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words - 1

International Business - Essay ExampleOur babe foods will let in fruits, vegetables, meat, chicken and rice. They would all be full of bread and butter and will fulfill babys dust growth needs. The confederation will have 3 main units the baby food unit, clinical nutrition department and the research and development department. They all will work simultaneously analyzing the market needs and change the product. European Union which is the union comprised of 27 member states of Europe has set rules and policies for the business which have to be adhered by the company. The company has devised few strategies which would help it in the stage of final implementation of the project.The companys aim is to manufacture and sell the baby food for the babys from age 4 months to 2 years. Our intention is to produce premium quality food which fulfills the hygienic standards and is full of nutritions for the baby, memory in mind his growing needs.It will be a new experience for the company t o defer into a new market, thus realizing its needs it has signed partnership agreement with local manufacturers Mr. Z and Mrs. Z who will help in implementing appropriate strategies, plans and provide necessary knowhow to the company about the local market. The meshing will be shared in the ratio of 2080, 20 % to Mr. and Mrs. Z and 80% to the company. furthermore the company will finance the projects and Mr. and Mrs. Z will aid in selling the products to local retailers.The company will require setting up its factories in Europe in order to manufacture baby food, thus it has decided to enter Europe in 2 countries United Kingdom and Spain. It has planned to construct its factories in London and Madrid respectively. As being capitals these two places are easily accessible with disco biscuit facilities and there is ease of goods availability. In addition they are busy cities and will attract

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Bipolar Disorder Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Bipolar Disorder - Essay ExampleHowever, with new applied science and research, thither are galore(postnominal) new opinions about the intercession of the disorder and the vista for those who are suffering. The calculate of this paper is to look the prognosis for those with bipolar and how this links to research on causes and treatment. As shown below, it is evident that in that location are a huge number of treatment options for those with bipolar disorder and this means that the prognosis for many with the illness is positive and stinker be long-lasting. To understand the prognosis for people with bipolar disorder, it is interesting to give what the disease is and how it affects those who grow it. As outlined above, it is a rollercoaster of highs and lows which locoweed be spaced far isolated or deal happen in a matter of hours or even minutes. In her record Bipolar Disorder, Judith Peacock states that people who have bipolar disorder experience extreme changes in moo d, strength and behaviour and that sufferers cannot control their mood changes (Peacock, 2000, p6). This just shows that it is a difficult disease to deal with and that it cannot be controlled without servicing. It can obviously often be frightening for sufferers as their mood changes without them knowing why. However, it is important to note that help can be found from many different places. Peacock (2000) goes on to relieve many of the treatment options for bipolar disorder. These can be based upon therapy or controlling the symptoms using drugs, both of which will be explored later. However, it is important to note the word control here. It is stated that bipolar disorder cannot be cured, but the symptoms can be controlled. People with bipolar disorder can learn to manage their illness (Peacock, 2000, p52). This is interesting because al around people think that a good prognosis for a disease is one where it can be completely cured, but it is important to note that bipolar di sorder is more complicated than some purely physical diseases. There are a number of different things to consider. In this case, it is important to note that it can be managed and that it is a learning process. In their book Bipolar Disorders Clinical Course and Outcome, Joseph F. Goldberg and Martin Harrow explore in more detail the different types of treatment for bipolar and how this leads to a positive outcome. One of the most important drugs in treating patients with bipolar is lithium. In the book, physicians are described as regarding lithium as the touchstone of care for the long-term management of bipolar disorders, expecting a marked improvement in up to 70% of cases (Goldberg & Harrow, 1999, p3). Lithium is often used alongside therapy, which means that it can contribute to a good prognosis in much more than 70% of cases, but some people whitethorn need pointless help. Evidently, a huge number of people can rely on lithium to control their symptoms. However, there are some people who cannot rely on lithium alone. Goldberg & Harrow (1999) also go onto explain that the prognosis for people with some types of bipolar might be even better than 70% and may not need controlling permanently. This can happen for women who experience bipolar disorder after they have given birth or during pregnancy. These types of cases can often lead to a huge improvement with short-run treatment. Also, the book notes that one study showed

Young Goodman Brown - Comapare it to a story in your own personal life Essay - 1

Young Goodman Brown - Comapare it to a story in your own personal life or a fri give ups and guide a moral at the end - Essay Example conviction merely symbolizes hope in the story. She represents love, as in the love betwixt man and woman, and also the love, faith and devotion he has in God. In essence, by leaving credence in the solution of the story, he leaves his faith in God and good. Faith as introduced in the beginning of the story as the devoted wife who warns her husband to stay with her because of a dream that she has.Without Faith, Goodman Brown efficiency have no faith at all he depends on her. Goodman Brown counts on Faith to convert him after his chore with the devil. When Goodman Brown ultimately meets with the Devil, he states that the reason he delays himself because Faith unbroken him back for awhile. Where he then realized that the incident with his wife prohibited him from being on period for his gathering with the devil, but his faith towards God furthers the reason for delaying his meeting.I remembered one of my friends told me that faith highlights numerous conflicts. Lives have gone astray and wars fought over the central that ones belief exceeds the other. Tim, my friend would ask his friends or companions questions like this all the time. He would ask if we believed in heaven, hell, God, or anything. Tim went to church every Sunday as a boy, so he assumed the answer was yes. Sometime we would sit down and really gave it nigh contemplation. But deep down inside us we knew the faith was not there.Tim grew up going to this small-scale church in the suburbs where he previously lived. Their church, according to him, had a totality of maybe about ii hundred large number. Most people who came to church, he says, all over fifty years old. His dad was known in the choir, so creeping out of the church wasnt all that hard. Tim together with his friends would always go behind the church and play. Because they thought that listening to the oldies make them bored.Tim then has come to determine that most people inside the church arent really sure of what they believe. They

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Material Science - conclusion Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Material perception - conclusion - Assignment Examplehe two is inversely proportional, which means that if the tempering temperature increases, the grimness decreases, and when the temperature decreases, the hardness increases. The lower the presence of carbon in the alloy, the lower the grade of the carbon steel is, thus, the softer the metal is. Whereas, the racy the presence of carbon content, the higher the grade, and the stronger the carbon steel is. Another issue is the machinability per se of the metal. As it enters the high machining zone, it could potentially lead to poor surface quality.In order to improve the process of machining, the involvement of heating, cooling, and mechanistic vibrations should be integrated into the external energy assisted machining. The future trend should be of perfecting the machining process of metals instead of the use of external energy assisted machining per se. Moreover, considering the applications where Carbon steel is commonly used , it is important that it should be heat and machined

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Hotel energy management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Hotel energy watchfulness - Essay ExampleWe can ask the staff to be less friendly and visible or the reverse, he said. (Thomasson, 1) The changes must be small. If you were making changes every day it would be too disruptive. (Thomasson, 1)The stylish modern facility has self-service tills that allow diners to scan their lunch while they and their trays are being weighed by a set of scales built into the floor. From a control room, researchers can direct cameras built into the ceiling of the restaurant to scend in on individual diners and their plates. These are just a few examples of the mode sound out of the cunning facilities can lighten up the customer world and add to the combative edge. One must go forward in mind that Australia attracts people from different parts of the globe. To understand the particularities of taste and comfort it becomes imperative that a detailed research support system is created to keep the hostel industry up to date. It becomes necessary for s tate of the art facilities to strike a balance between the traditional and the modern, this fine balance is the key to competitive advantage in the market. (Fletcher, 188)Todays hot engine room topics, including e-commerce, wi-fi, electronic payment systems, Web site design, data security, and identicalness theft have to be included in any discussion on technology and the way it influences the hospitality industry. The new age customer even while unwinding wants to be connected to the technological appendages it carries during the middling work hours. Moreover the level of comfort is often measured by the smooth functioning of the technology that a particular hotel is able to provide. One important aspect is to not make the technology winding overtly perceptible. It is important to keep the intricacies of the technology covered by a gloss of easy comfort. (Deb, 323)2. new-fashioned facilities will involve require positive investments by hotel. How would you justify making such an investmentThe target of technological input is directly proportional to the revenue generation. investing must be and should be warrant because of the competitive advantage state of art customer facilities will bring and the edge that technological inputs herald. Investment has to be put in context of the overall customer behavior pattern and the society at large. A society that breathes and lives on the micro physics of technological pervasiveness cannot imagine its hospitality industry to be devoid of the technological drive that characterizes the broader society. Profits from the hospitality industries will only start to assume substantial proportions once the technology and the comparative advantage are welded together to create an

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Answers Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 3

Answers - Assignment ExampleIn the plaque setting, surgery management is created with an objective to understand the depth as which the companys objectives are cosmos achieved. Through technology, an organization is able to create more efficient performance management establishments (Grossberg, 2012). Technology eliminates the tralatitious performance appraisal systems that also required employee interviews. The traditional approaches had bias.What do compensation, benefits, and payroll all have in common as related to employees? Share an example of how HR technology can impact the assess and efficiency of each of these HR functions compensation, benefits, and payroll.Compensation, payroll and benefits can be referred to as reward systems. A rewards system is aimed at providing compensations to employees for the employees in the organization. Moreover, all employees require a rewards system to improve their performance. Technology enables the creation of a reward system that el iminates error and employee elimination from the system. For instance, an organization may have a system that monitors performance and provide a detailed reward system that considers the performance of each employee (Grossberg, 2012).Before its creation, it is an obvious surmisal that employee management was poorly handled. Human resources systems were mandated with numerous activities that increased their exposure to errors. In addition, their consideration of the performance of employees was colored and based on personal opinion (Petrescu & Simmons, 2008). With the HRIS, employees feel more comfortable with the rewards system and how salaries are

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Tourism Development Planning and Management (London 2012) Essay

Tourism Development Planning and Management (London 2012) - hear ExampleBecause of the potential brought upon by the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympics Games and the opportunities it renders, the expanse is set on maximizing and improve all aspects in its tourism sector in order to particularly match the global expect and trend that has emerged pertinent to tourism. More than guaranteeing the nations utmost performance and victory during the sporting event, the country has also taken time to build up its tourism sector through several strategies cogitate to the world-renowned event.Particularly the tourism industry together with leisure as well as hospitality industries in this case, stands for all kinds of businesses. These businesses rangers from multinational owned hotel, corporations to locally owned restaurants. Also included are the numerous tooth root parks and museum facilities that could be found in certain regions of the country. Particularly the scope of these busi nesses ranges from presenting parks for leisure, venues for holidays and the entertainment of guests.In order to build up the tourism sector of the country in preparation for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympics Games, there are several strategies and plans that the country itself plan and laid out. There are several objectives for the strategy presented for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympics Games and these areInclude all UK business in the nationwide campaign. The campaign targets some(prenominal) the domestic and inbound markets. It particularly aims to boldly and distinctively label the country with a diverse representation. This item representation is intended for the presentation of the context of the manner in which to welcome both the domestic as well as overseas visitors.Enhance and build up the international perceptions of Britain. The strategy is particularly aiming in developing the image of Britain as premier tourist destination through precise

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Separation of ownership and control for modern corporations Essay

Separation of ownership and control for modern corporations - Essay ExampleExisting Studies in Ownership and Control On the basis of a written test on British firms, they completed that the separation of ownership from management, consecutively, thrust a gigantic rough defense alongside licensees has been created that need more or less no cost direct the general welfare, that they or their stories provided by alarm company. Division of property, command creates a situation that benefits the holder and the director could obtain and achieve over and over once again diverge, and where numerous check facades, who executed for the expression, paid jobs, could fade away. Their arguments were strengthened in 1960 when at the discretion of managers was to be welcomed as the outmatch alternative to maximize revenues intact, or that the man vowed to go to a car that stifle financial full-grown as a whole. Mallin (2009) argued that the market for the administration rather than management, law, questions of modern society, but Selwyn (2010) on the force of this mechanism. Pessimism led to the Heath (2007), the sentence The eclipse public company and a copy of a league with a high level of debt. Partnerships and leveraged acquisition of the controlling shareholders, the German and Japanese banks have been very kindly of monitors. Recently, the British public company, obviously, with a large external auditors, shareholder activists, powerful and self-defense for investors, once again loved International. But support for the latest proposals, which the controllers as powerful as ever. Plates with low power read ample insurmountable obstacles to his arrest, and guidelines to extend the anti-block holder owners to avoid the use of control. On the appointed day, very particular is known about the control of the company outside the United States. Detail how the control that Berle and manual agency of private property and the separation of ownership and control were co nsidered applicable unanimously. But over the past both years, support was found that this view was questioned. Cabrelli (2009) describes two types of organization of ownership and control - what they call the insiders and outsiders of the systems foreign trade regime match Berle and means the U.K.the property is removed in the middle of a large number of foreign investors. In the UK, the majority of bully was carried out economic organizations, mainly the capital promises of pensions and life of the company. The United States, one after another, investors are more prevalent. But in no ground of origin control organizations or individuals that contain a lot of servings in the company. As a head they use little direct control over business. Objectives What is the main goal? Nevertheless, it is impossible to give a definitive answer to this query, since the amount of building is an artificial creature, not human. It is important to recognize exactly who controls the company. We e ntrust consider all Con terms of contracts (Rajan 2010). This view provides a commercial company will elbow grease to maximize the wealth of investors in the companys activities, which increase the present value of the share of life. Agency Costs, And a pit of Contracts Perspective The very idea of contract claims that a business enterprise can be regarded as a set of contracts one of the claims agreement residual claim ( faithfulness) company by assets and cash flows (Harold 2006). severity of the agreement could be developed as a relationship principal-agent. Components of control group of institutions and investors in equity (share holders) are the principles (Davis and Michael 2001). It is expected that auditors and investors, left alone, try to make their own cherishing. Investors are, independently, may disappoint controllers differ from the interests of investors finished the development of appropriate incentives for controllers, and then Mon monitoring their behavior. Th is, unfortunately, is

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Concept of Compounding DQ2 Positive NPV Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Concept of Compounding DQ2 Positive NPV - stress Exampled amount of coin or an expected cash flow for instance if a person has $500 that money will be worth less in the future because money depreciates due to the effect of inflation. Based on the time shelter of money present respect circuit card $500 discounted at 3% will be worth $431.30 five years from now (Besley & Brigham, 2000).The NPV value technique is often used by managers when making decisions regarding capital projects. A project should only be accepted if its NPV is above cero (Garrison & Noreen, 2003). A positive net present value is the desirable outcome. When the NPV is ostracise a project should be rejected because a company would lose money by judge such a project. The process to calculate net present value involves the use of present value tables to find the factoring factor. Another way to calculate the present value of an amount of money is by using financial calculators. Graphic calculators such as the Ti -89 titanium have integrated financial calculators in its systems which are very easy to use. The discounting rate a company uses depends on the risk the company is ordain to take. Some companies require a higher discounting rate than others due to the industry in which they

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Law Enforcement Essay Example for Free

Law Enforcement judgeAbstractThis research paper shall discuss the duties, the responsibilities and requirements of fitting a Federal Bureau of detective. It provide as well discuss the foundation and accomplishment of the Federal Bureau investigating. Becoming an FBI instrument is probably hard for few people because it takes a lot of dedicated time and motivation to achieve. There be steps in this knowledge domain that you should apply yourself to do in order to succeed. Once you are inside the field you entrust enjoy doing what you love to best which is saving and protecting Ameri layabout Citizens from harm. This field has to be something that you are voluntary to commit yourself to do at all time.IntroductionWhat interested me ab appear becoming an FBI agent is that it involves an great amount of traveling around the rustic, which allows me to visit varied places in addition to learning about different cultures and their government. Another thing that interes ts me about becoming an agent is that they investigate a variety of different causal agents from depicted object security and federal jurisprudence, criminal activity such as commit robberies , terrorism, lacking children, organize abuse and drug trafficking, which gives me a great deal of experience on investigating cases. Furthermore, becoming a FBI agent gives me the opportunity to gain knowledge about variety of differentsectors within the law enforcements field.Historical Overview now in America people dont understand the importance of the Federal Bureau of probe and how much of a help they are. In 1892, most Americans who held positions within Law Enforcement didnt take their capriole as serious as they do now, due to the fact that they were more worried about existence known to the public rather than solving crimes. That later changed when Theodore Roosevelt became President. President Roosevelt a eagle-eyed with appointed Attorney command Charles Bonaparte had put together and formed Bureau of Investigation special agents trade union movement force in 1908 (FBI). Once the Bureau of Investigation was established, they began investigating violation laws such as discipline banking, bankruptcy, naturalization, antitrust, peonage and fraud (FBI). By June 1910 the Bureaus jurisdictions had its first major expansion, which was also the year when the White striver act was passedThe White Slave act allows the federal government the right to investigate criminals who evaded state laws just had no other federal violations and it became a crime to transport females across the state line for morally wrong purposes (FBI). By the 1920s new requirements were made. Prospective agents had to go through a training course, and agents had to be the age of twenty- five through thirty five (FBI). During the great depression in the united States crimes had gotten out of control, therefore the division of Justices Investigator had issued their first Law Enforcem ent Bulletin, which later became the FBI Fugitives Wanted tend (FBI). On July 1, 1932, the Bureau of Investigation was renamed the United States of Investigation A year later in July of 1933 the Department of Justices Investigator was changed to Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The FBI carried out investigations of all threats when they felt it was a threat to the National Security.By the time 1940s the FBI had stepped in on a Sabotage Investigation trying to capture four Germany men who placed explosive bombs on the beaches of Amagansett, Long Island and Ponte Vedra Beach in Florida (Wagner). They also were supposed to place explosive bombs in public for the next six weeks. George Dashch, one of the German agents who had turned himself in to the FBI and told the Germanys plans of bombing some parts of U.S, because he was scared of going to prison house for life in theUnited States (Wagner). He helped the FBI capture eight Germany Saboteurs and their case became one of the bi ggest cases in history, because they stop Germanys Saboteurs from returning (Wagner). In the 1960s the Civil Rights Act was passed and the FBI got gnarly to stop the violence with the Ku Klux Klan, the smutty Panthers and other protesters (Wagner). They were to help solve murder cases that involved civil rights violations.Around the time in 1970 music director Kelley got involved to help the public trust in the FBI as well as in the law enforcement he made numerous changes during his time and targeted the training and selection of FBI and the law enforcement leaders, the procedures of investigation intelligence collecting and the prioritizing of criminal programs (FBI). During his term he made it a goal to have more women involved in the FBI.After Kelley resigned Judge William Webster took his place. While he was in office the FBI started to use laser technology to expose fingerprints on crimes scenes he also expanded the effort in the foreign counterintelligence, organized cri me and albumen collar crime (FBI). In his time the FBI solved so many cases. FBI laboratory helped the FBI find their criminals fingerprints on a crime scene. For decades Federal Bureau Investigations has spent years trying to protect the United utter from terrorist and foreign intelligence threats, they were committed to their values and core beliefs. Primary MissionFBI Agents foreign mission is to protect the United States citizen from terrorist and foreign intelligence threats, to provide leadership and criminal justice service to the federal Government, the international agencies and partners (Wagner). Their mission is to bring Justice to those who break the laws in the United States.Diversity of JobsThe FBI is a very diverse field to work in, because the people they employ come from different educational and career backgrounds. Such as lawyers, doctor, accountants, photographers, natural law officers, etc and their diversity continue to grow. African Americans and Hispanics make up twenty- five percent of FBI employees and women make up xlv percent.Jurisdictional AuthorityThere are severely other important Federal Law Enforcement agencies, and theFederal Bureau of Investigation is the best known agency in the Federal Level. The FBI is involved on seven different types of investigation such as counterterrorism, financial crimes, corruption investigation, and Civil Rights (Harmon). The FBI conducts investigation on groups that have hatred towards other races or genders, Foreign Counterintelligence, organized crime and narcotics, violent crimes like bank robbers and application for sensitive government positions.Hiring RequirementsIn order to become a Federal of Bureau Investigator there are several steps you have to go through. You must be a U.S citizen mingled with the ages of twenty- three through thirty seven with a valid license, your eye sight must be 20/20 and 20/40 (Harmon). To get accepted in the FBI you have to pass the trial thats given as well as do a background check. As furthermost a resume and reference they have to reprimand to your past employers as well as talk to your family, friends, and colleagues, this can take up to four months for the process to finish (Harmon).If you are accepted you will do 600 arcminutes in training in 15 weeks at the FBI Academy Quantico, Virginia (Harmon). Where you will learn how to insert evidence, case investigation, they study behavior science, master in certain computers science and learn self-defense technique (Harmon). Trainers will also learn how to recognize firearms as well use them and they must become good equal to hit a target 50 yards away (Harmon). After training you will be appoint your first case if you qualified.Top three Greatest ChallengesOne of the top challenges the FBI deals with is working long hour shifts by spending numerous hours at work or staking out in vehicles. They spend long shift hours on cases trying to figure the cause on why the incident hap pened or how can they stop the incident. Another challenge would be traveling all over the United States trying to gather information about your case and how you prevent it from happening. The last challenge would be dedicating all your time to your work and having to spend less time with your family, from being so involved with your case which takes up the majority of your time.Your individual(prenominal) CritiqueI feel that the FBI would be a good field for me to help protect my countryfrom any harm. I feel that working for the FBI is a very demanding job, that you have to commit to and Im a very dedicated and motivated person that likes challenges and love helping others. I feel that becoming an FBI agent would be a great field for me to work in because I can do what I love as well as protecting my country finisIn Conclusion by doing all this back ground research on Federal Bureau of Investigation I found that they are the number one Law Enforcement agency that is called upon t o respond to terrorism and participation of bills that are being passed. They handle a number of different units around the world such as missing children, national security, banking fraud or violent crimes unlike police officers who just handles local crimes, their always involved in crimes to help protect the United States.ReferencesFBI. (n.d.). Retrieved from website http//www.fbi.gov/Harmon, E. D. (2001). The fbi (Crime, Justice and Punishment). Philadelphia, PA Chelsea House Publishers. Wagner, H. (2007). The federal bureau of investigation. in the altogether York Infobase Publishing.

The Power of Truth Essay Example for Free

The Power of Truth EssayNovelist Tim OBrian once verbalize A lie, sometimes, stinkpot be consecutiver than the truth, which is why fiction gets written. In his novel The Things They Carried, OBrian argues that story-truth is sometimes certainr than happening-truth (171). OBrian opposes the idea of absolute truth, and believes that all truths argon subject to change. He believes that a fictional story can be more true than an actual takings. However, a story, no matter what story, cannot be more true than an actual event a story version of an event is merely a shadow of that eventa make-up-caked, dramatized, Hollywood shadow. It is impossible for story-truth to be truer than happening-truth. In The Things They Carried OBrian creates a young wo serviceman, Kathleen, for the fictional version of himself. OBrian, however, does not have a daughter in real life. While it may be a story-truth that Tim OBrian had a daughter, it bequeath never be a happening-truth. A made-up dau ghter will never be more real than OBrians actual son. In the novel, OBrian returns with his daughter to Vietnam where he buries a belonging of a fellow soldier (173).This story can never be more true than an actual event solely because of the involvement of a fictional character. A man can tell a story about his last trip to the grocery store, and most concourse would count it as true. However, if the man told a story about going to the grocery store with a magic genie, it would be assumed that he is lying, even if every other facet of his story was believable. This is no different than OBrian weaving a fictional character in to his novel. The story-truth of Kathleen can never be more true than happening-truth. Furthermore, in a abhorrence investigation, it is illegal to interfere with evidence involved with a case. Any disruption or corruption of evidence is termed falsifying evidence. This is a serious offence because it could bad disturb the process of solving a crime. Devoi d of sound evidence, it is difficult to determine how a crime was committed. Evidence is an example of happening-truth it conveys without any bias, exactly what happened at the scene of a crime, or at the events lede up to a crime.Investigators cannot solve a crime based solely off of story-truth, such as the testimonies of witnesses, because of the numerous individual accounts of a crime which are subject to dishonesty, human error, and prejudice. Therefore, investigators rely on happening-truth because it is trustworthy, whereas story-truth is inconsistent. Moreover, the frequent subscribe to The large is bursting with examples of happening-truth and story-truth. Director, James Cameron, designed many of these story-truths to impart an increased striking tone in the film.He created a grand staircase on the ship while in reality this staircase was so small passengers had to go up and down single file. A Pablo Picasso painting is featured in the film, although Picasso was no t popular during the time of the Titanic, and his work was not widely distributed. The diamond necklace in the film, titled The amount of the Ocean, never existed, much like the love story between invented passengers Rose Bukater and James Dawson. These creations served Camerons purpose to paint a theatrical telling of the event, but the movie was just thattheatrical.Although these story-truths indicate the sinking of the Titanic was a romantic event, it is the happening-truths that send chills through the viewers astonished bodies. The most powerful aspect of the film The Titanic is not the love story. It is not the grand staircase, or the luxurious dining room. It is not the fundamental interaction between characters, or the extravagant Heart of the Ocean. The most powerful aspect of The Titanic is that it actually happened. At the end of the film, there were 1,502 dead bodies sinking and in the freezing salt water of the Atlantic.No story-truth, no matter how elaborate, could create a greater tragedy than a happening-truth. Why not? Since story-truths are not as true as happening-truths. Therefore, the notion that a story could ring truer than an actual event is in the wrong. A lie cannot reveal a deeper truth only truth can uncover truth. Stories provide an escape for the imagination. They allow the reader to imagine a different reality and to glimpse into an alternate world. However, stories are only stories. They are not real. The only way the reader can understand a true reality is to read a true account of that reality.Although this account may be less dramatic than the story version of the reality, it is in fact the reality. It is the truest truth the happening-truth. Works Cited OBrien, Tim. The Things They Carried A Work of Fiction. Boston Houghton Mifflin, 1990. Print. Tim OBrien Quotes. Tim OBrien Quotes (Author of The Things They Carried). N. p. , n. d. Web. 18 Feb. 2013. . Titanic Facts vs. Titanic Fiction. HubPages. N. p. , n. d. Web. 1 8 Feb. 2013. . The Titanic Gazette R. M. S. big vs. Titanic Movie. The Titanic Gazette R. M. S. TITANIC vs. Titanic Movie. N. p. , n. d. Web. 18 Feb. 2013.

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Invention of the Internet Essay Example for Free

Invention of the Internet EssayTechnology has also been a part of our quotidian lives. The implementation of technology influences the values of a society by changing expectations and realities. New inventions of technology argon usually created to simplify life somehow. iodin of the greatest inventions in the last hundred years is the earnings. The eer expanding lucre has revolutionized the sort Ameri posteriors live their lives.The internet has a major impact on society and our culture. The internet has completely broken d make the borders that our ancestors had. With the internet, everything that we could possibly want is at the click of a button. People can direct instant message and video chat will hatful half way crosswise the world. People now work from home, shop from home, do everything they possible want from home. But if battalion do non defy access to the internet they cannot compete is this new global market place of unadulterated ideas.In the beginning, when the internet first came into play Americas were startled and amazed by the possibilities of parley that the World Wide Web brought. He web is mainly a way that brings slew to exciteher to communicate. The web is a layer of system upon system (Bowell). The Web is a continual ongoing process. It has neer stopped replicating itself or processing since the first day it began. However, even though in that location umteen distinct systems on the web, no website is subject to special rules. The internet has become a sensation all everyplace the world and more people use the internet than in other time in history.The internet has been a huge economic boom to our country. We now live in a global market. With the helper of the internet, businesses can reach customers worldwide. Many businesses now have websites where customers do not even have to dress down the store to buy their products and these companies want your business. The internet has a huge selection of souvenirs t o purchase online. More people use the web to shop than ever before in history (bowell).Online shopping is the process whereby consumers like a shot buy goods or services from a seller in real-time over the internet. (wiki re) A mass of consumers choose online shopping for a faster and more efficient shopping experience. For customers, shopping online can think up less time change of location and lower cost. Many stores offer special sales and discounts to customers who order online. Also, traveling to the store means that customers can only go during business hours whereby ordering online is more convenient for their schedules. Conveniently, many stores online are available 24 hours a day. Online retailers have seen tremendous jumps in their online earning potential (bowell).Of course there is also disadvantages to online buying. One big disadvantage is the customers concern of how unease it would be to return the item. The customer is not absolutely positive that the item they are buying will satisfy and meet their expectations. Sometimes, returning an item can become a hassle and have to wait long periods of time to actually get the item in hand. Since the customer cannot see the merchandise they wish to purchase customers are at higher(prenominal) risk of fraud buy ordering online.Of course, a major concern of consumers is identity fraud. There have been many cases where hackers break into a web site and can steal a customers personal information. One unexpected disadvantage that comes with online shopping is the amount of trash that consumers produce. The more items that people purchase online, the more boxes and forwarding they have to throw away. This past Christmas, New York show a 20 percent increase in paper recyclables with a parallel increase of 25 percent of online sales.The biggest buzz about the internet is loving networking. One of the main uses of the internet is for relationships. The internet has revolutionized the way that people comm unicate with our friends and the world. People used to release letters and sent them off then waited even weeks to get a reply. Now a days, people communicating instantly through instant messaging, video chat, face book and e-mails. We can communicate instantly with people all the way across the world.Social networking sites have people set up their own personalizes profile that is just about them. (These sites help fill in the gap) These sites help everyone stay more in touch with their friends and family. Social networking seems to make the world smaller by bringing everyone together. It helps us realized the way other people live and the cultures that they have (elliot). The social networking that is in place now more about mimics face-to-face conversation than e-mail. We are no longer restricted to rely on people in our neighborhood, church, or workplace to provide the interaction we desire (Hoover all). Social networking services expand the pool of people we have the opportun ity to meet to near limitless possibilities (Hoover all). A very new popular frenzy that has become normal to Americans is online go out. More and more people these days are finding their partners online through dating websites.

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Nonverbal Communication Codes Essay Example for Free

Nonverbal Communication Codes Essay1. What sign(a) cores ar macrocosm sent in this get a line?Why ar you looking at me? Is the signed inwardness that I would take from the woman with the bad tan.2. What type of communicatory communication enters are world utilize to deliver the messages?I believe the nonverbal message in this interpret is Affect Displays. A woman with an patent bad tan seems as though she has a negative reaction to the piece thats doing a double take, looking at her. Her facial expression has a look of humor from the staring3. What effect does severally message have on the other stack in the image?It is hard to determine the effect on the other people that is in the image however, I compute the people that are around them that saw the interaction shouldve felt the awkwardness as well. It would be obvious that the signal would be not to get involved and to look away.4. What nonverbal communication skills and strategies could be utilize to elapse effectively in this seat?Smiling or directing a friendly example and eye contact should have been made to reduce the feeling of inadequacy or awkwardness.1. What cultural barriers are seen in this image?I believe the gentleman is foc apply on the group of woman because he is onerous to figure out their dress and culture because it is different than his.2. What type of nonverbal communication codes are be used to deliver the messages?I feel like the type of nonverbal communication codes that is being used is Affect Displays and Regulators. The gentlemans posture is used to communicate his emotion and his posture asked the question, what are you are doing, and why you dressed that way? This is an example of the affect Displays because his posture is showing emotions. The other code that is then displayed is the regulator because he is giving eye contact to the group with a facial expression, and capable mouth or raised eyebrow, trying to get the groups attention.3. What effect does each message have on the other people in the image?The effect that each person has in the image is of non-affect. No one and only(a) has notice the gentlemans non-verbal communication methods. Either no one sees it, or he is being ignored, based off of the individuals in the picture.4. What nonverbal communication skills and strategies could be used to communicate effectively in this situation?The nonverbal communication skills and strategies that can be used to communicate effectively in this situation were simply being a friendly face and smile to show no threat. Also, if the gentleman was really serious, he should have stopped and face the group that he was trying to get their attention1. What nonverbal messages are being sent in this image?The nonverbal message in this image says that there are still places in Asia where smoking continues to be allowed in some public places and, smoking is a popular thing to do.2. What type of nonverbal communication codes are bei ng used to deliver the messages?The nonverbal communication code that is used to deliver this message is the Adapters. Adapters are nonverbal behaviors that help you satisfy personal needs and adapt to the immediate situation or surroundings.3. What effect does each message have on the other people in the image?The effect that being an transcriber in this image has on other people in the image I believe is that smoking is addictive and if one person smokes a cigarette and you are a smoker thing you volition want a cigarette as well.4. What nonverbal communication skills and strategies could be used to communicate effectively in this situation?I am not a smoker I would either pass away the room or show displeasure from secondhand smoke.1. What cultural barriers can be seen in this image?2. What nonverbal messages are being sent in this image?3. What type of nonverbal communication codes are being used to deliver the messages?4. What effect does each message have on the other peopl e in the image?5. What nonverbal communication skills and strategies could be used to communicate effectively in this situation?1. What cultural barriers can be seen in this image?The cultural barriers in this image can be defined as business people who are possibly on their way to work on being a know it annoyed by a woman on her cell phone, not paying attention to where shes going.2. What nonverbal messages are being sent in this image?In this image, the people display a busy, business like image. The affect display can be displayed done their posture, and by putting little expression on their faces. It is almost as if it is a hostile bucket along to get where theyre going.3. What type of nonverbal communication codes are being used to deliver the messages?The nonverbal communication codes that can be displayed from this image is the Affect Display.4. What effect does each message have on the other people in the image?It seems as though the people in this image are annoyed by th e woman was talking on her cell phone and not paying attention to where shes going or having a very loud conversation.5. What nonverbal communication skills and strategies could be used to communicate effectively in this situation?Lady, please hang up the phone and watch where youre going.

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Caparisoned like a man Essay Example for Free

Caparisoned alike a man EssayIn this operation, the weary travellers bargain for a cottage and a flock of sheep from Corin. This quick financial exchange might seem risible to the audience, as it is really unrealistic and theatrical. The audience can in like manner see that strangers, for example Corin, are fooled by Rosalinds disguiseIn lay out III crack Two, Celia teases Rosalind, who wants to find out who wrote the poems most her, and nailed them to trees. She reminds Celia that she is a woman, although she is embellish like a man. This might also be a reminder to the audience that Ganymede is pistillate. Finally, when Celia admits that she knows the poet is Orlando,Rosalind, dressed as Ganymede, is distressed. She is distressed because she knows she wont be able to let him woo her if he thinks she is a man, Ganymede, instead of his love, Rosalind.Rosalind regrettably the day what shall I do with my doublet and hose?However, she then realises that in a mans attire , she is able to speak to him (Orlando) like a saucy lackey, which she then does for the rest of the play. She teases him about his love, and says he does non look like a man in love. Throughout this scene, Rosalinds motive to disguise herself as a man has now changed from possible reasons to personal ones to find out how much Orlando loves her, and perhaps to educate him, on how to love her. For example, in Act IV picture show 1, when Orlando is an hour late for their meeting, she shows that if he would have done that to Rosalind, Cupid hath clapped him o the shoulder.Through her disguise, which she uses to her affluent advantage, she play across-the-boardy suggests to him that she will pretend to be Rosalind so he can woo her. This Orlando feels able to do, so he can say what he wanted to say when they first met, in Act I Scene 2, and she can hear what she never expected to hear, because they are not bound by affectionate expectations, as Orlando does not know Ganymede is Ros alind. Their relationship stays fun and lively, because he can be unaffixed and honest, and express his emotions, and she can willingly accept his proposals, for example in Act IV Scene 1Rosalind But come, now I will be your Rosalind in a more coming-on disposition and study me what you will, I will grant it.Orlando Then love me, Rosalind.Rosalind Yes, faith, I will, Fridays and Saturdays and all.In the play Shakespeare questions the rigid rules of societys causa of that time, since he wrote the play with the idea of a traditional romance (an archetype) a boy meets a girl, they tholepin in love, and marry happily ever after after overcoming several obstacles and misunderstandings. However, Shakespeare was forward thinking of his time, permit Rosalind orchestrate the wooing, which was very unconventional.As we can see from Act III Scene 4, Rosalind is a very strong and intelligent character, as she has tricked Orlando into wooing her, even though she is dressed as a man. She is also very witty, a characteristic she only feels able to express properly when she is disguised. She is perhaps the wittiest person in the play, apart from Touchstone, who is a professional comedian, after having been a fool or jester at the coquet for many years. In Shakespeares time, royal men at court showed their wittiness by putting deal a fool. He is someone we call a stooge nowadays. However, Touchstones jokes and puns are less friendly than Rosalinds, whos conduct is simply to tease or humour people, and not make fun of them, like Touchstone does.Today, Rosalinds quality is a sought-after part, since it is one of Shakespeares only good main female characters. The reason for this is that the roles of his time were pre-dominantly male, as there were no female actresses then, and men had to act female parts, which would not have been desirable.This adds humour to the play, from the audiences perspective, because the players with female roles, e.g. Celia and Rosalind, were y oung adolescent males. So, Ganymede was a teenage boy, playing a female (Rosalind), dressed up as a man. A particularly humorous moment is when Orlando attempts to kiss Ganymede, for two reasons. One is that the player acting Orlando is attempting to kiss his true love, Rosalind, even though he doesnt know this. But, from the audiences point of view, this is also funny since the promoter Orlando is attempting to kiss another man. Even now, cross-dressing is found humorous, explaining why people watch cabarets and pantomimes.Further on in the play, in Act III Scene 4, we see Rosalind and Celia alone together. Alone with Celia, Rosalind does not pretend to act masculine, instead she talks about her love to Orlando in a feminine way, and Celia teases her.Rosalind Never talk to me I will weep.Celia Do, I prithee but yet have the grace to consider that tears do not become a man.Then, Corin comes in, and invites them to see Phebe and Silvius together. They do so gladly, and Rosalind tak es another opportunity to use her disguise to her full advantage she insults Phebe, somewhat cruelly.What thought you have no beauty-As by my faith, I see no more in youThan without candle may go dark to bedHowever, this has an adverse effect, since Phebe falls thinker over heels in love with Ganymede, who in fact is Rosalind. This is another way Shakespeare has brought comedy to the play development the dramatic device of disguise, for Rosalind is, like she says, unable to return the love. From this we also see that Shakespeare did not think about relationships of the same sex, presumably because that would be too forward of his time. Also, it was illegal to demonstrate homosexual relationships Oscar Wilde was put in jail, 200 years later for his gay relationships.Using the dramatic device of disguise, Shakespeare also uses Rosalind to expose the superficiality and absurdity of conventional modes of wooing, in Act 4 Scene 1. This is when Ganymede mocks Orlando, which was very un conventional of that time, since normal women did not act like that they were supposed to be very gentle, docile, etc.However, in Act IV Scene 3, Shakespeare does make Rosalind seem more feminine again, since Ganymede faints, after hearing Orlando was hurt. Fainting was not seen as a manly tribute, which nearly gives away to Oliver than Ganymede is a woman. You lack a mans heart.When Ganymede awakens again, Rosalind admits that she is tired of disguising herself, and hiding her feelings, I would I were at home.This is not the only time Rosalind makes the mistake of showing her female characteristics. In Act III Scene 2, Rosalind nearly gives away that she is female while Corin is there because Touchstone makes up an offensive poem about Rosalind and she reacts to it vehemently.

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Cosmetic Surgery Essay Example for Free

decorative operating room EssayI wish I had a twin, so I could know what Id grammatical construction alike without cosmetic cognitive operation a quote by Joan Rivers. She is an American famous person who has done so many cosmetic surgeries. Rivers most likely said this quote be induce she regretted about all of the cosmetic surgeries that she had. augmentative Surgery is a phenomenon that has increased over the past hardly a(prenominal) years and became popular in all over on the world. Moreover, many people have been thinking of doing it because it sounds interesting that people can change how they look likes or to improve a normal part of their body appearance. One of the biggest causations of why cosmetic mathematical operation is so popular is that people be striving to become physically perfect. However, those people be non aware of the risks that can result from these kinds of surgeries. Cosmetic surgeries affect the emotions of people who go under the knife an d check them addicted to it. Also, it is dangerous and isnt worth the risk. Patients will possibly suffer from depression, and encounter emotional difficulties that are challenging to overcome after cosmetic surgery. This psychological pressure lasts for a long time and sometimes forever.For example, Olesen mentions that one of the disadvantages of cosmetic surgery is including depression (3). Also, Iverson says that there are studies that say cosmetic surgery cause undesirable feeling for tolerant (1). As for my own experience, a year and half ago my child have done a cosmetic surgery in her nose. She didnt like how she looks like, so she felt so bad about herself and didnt want to see anyone of her friends. So, my father had to moot her to psychiatrist to take out her feel better.Thus, these examples indicate that cosmetic surgeries cause the patient so much depression and that is really a big problem that might affect the patient life. Because the patient unused to the ne w look or difference, the patient might stay secluded and stop socializing with friends and people for long time. Also, the bandaging wouldnt take off before three months. Further more, the patient can non judge the result before six months until it takes its natural form. So, between the periods after the surgery until the result takes its natural form the patient would stay long time without well-educated how the result looks like.And that is going to let the patient in a state of depression because prevent the patient to communicate with people . In some cases the result fails to improve and the appearance looks worse than before the surgery. at a lower place this circumstance, the patient goes to another level of emotional effects of depression to the feeling of isolation forever. Thus, it would be hard for the patient to adjust whether he/she likes the result or not because the patient has to undergo days or months of healing process. Sometimes, that annoy take forever to hea l.In sum, cosmetic surgeries certainly let the patients feel cast down and affect their emotions. Although cosmetic surgery causes a lot of emotional depression, this is not the only reason. One rattling serious dependency that is often overlooked is cosmetic surgery addiction. Unlike drug addicts who suffer from chemic addiction, cosmetic surgery addicts experience mental obsession to alter their bodies and faces. For instance, Sciarretto says Michael capital of Mississippis mother admitted that he was addicted to cosmetic surgery (1).Another example, Dr.Samuels states, After one surgery, addicts will find a reason to have a second, then a third and so on in their quest for perfection. The results they are after are unattainable(4). In addition, Frankr states, plastic surgery shouldnt be undergone because it can perish to addiction(3). Hence, these three examples show cosmetic surgery is a serious problem that can really authorise patient to become addicted to it. Many of pat ients begin their journey simply wanting to correct a few specific anatomical issues, but progress to addiction after completing their initial functional desires.When the patient does one cosmetic surgery and like the result of it, he or she would find a reason to do it again to look better. Similarly, if the patient doesnt like the surgery result in addition would do it again until to get satisfied with the results of the surgery. Thus, in both cases whether the patient like the result or not would get addicted. In addition, once the first surgical operation was already done, second, third, fourth, and even more is easy to follow. The patients are always looking for perfection and would never satisfy with their looks because this is the nature of human.As has been noted, Michael Jackson is an evidence to prove this theory. Michael got addicted and he transforms his appearance hundred and eighty degrees. So, cosmetic surgery is spartan problem that patient should be aware of befo re doing it because it have the ability to let the patient obsess about it. As the case with any kind of surgery, cosmetic surgery does involve risk that in some cases death. In addition, isnt worth the risk because it could take persons life forever for unnecessarily reason. For example, Frankr says, Just like any surgery, plastic surgery can be dangerous.They involve anesthesia, wound healing and other risks(2). Another example, John writes an article about a woman named Kathleen Kelly Cregan who died while she was having a cosmetic surgery. So, these two examples show that cosmetic surgeries are not easy and carry risks that might lead to death. A risk that should be taken into consideration is that when cosmetic surgery is undergone and uses anesthesia. Anesthesia is put on a patient to sleep, and to numb the body so the patient wont feel cark during the surgery.Even though anesthesia prevents pain during the surgery, it has its risks. there is no guarantee that the patient w ill screening up from the anesthesia, patient can fall into a coma, if not given the right amount of it and if not put in the right place. Furthermore, there is no surgeon who can guarantee that the surgery would succeed. There are always risks of things going amiss. I guarantee that if Cregan knew she would die because of a cosmetic surgery she wouldnt do it because she could live without it.Doing cosmetic surgery isnt worth the risk because its unimportant surgery that many people could live a happy life without it. Also, it carries risks that could take patient life forever. Cosmetic surgery being so popular and the idea of it sound good. However, many people are not aware of the side affects that can bring into their life. Additionally, it could turn patients life into depressed. Patients always want to perfect in their appearance, which is impossible to reach because this is the nature of human. Cosmetic surgeries have so many disadvantages and I just mentioned few of them.

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The Black Newsletter Essay Example for Free

The desolate Newsletter EssayThrough the days, foul women have endured the pressures and struggles in backup with the American society. They exist in the middle of two strongholds race and gender. These issues are somewhat weight on their backs and dealing with these burdens is definitely not easy. But living it through entails survival to meet the demands of the society. Further, one of those demands that moldiness be accomplished is the aspect on education. Hence, how well do these black women perform in academics compared to whites and otherwise race is a significant query and might as well be given a particular focus on this discussion. Evidently, on that point is no direct source that straightly compares the SAT scores of black women in contrast with that of the whites and all others. Instead, the race and gender of SAT takers in general were compared. According to JBHE hebdomadal Bulletin, the racial scoring gap on the latest SAT college entrance examination is the w idest in 20 years, as it shows that for white high school seniors, the average combined score on the reading and maths sections was 1065 while the blacks average score was 856 and so the racial gap now is 209 points, which is 10 points higher than a year ago (http//www. jbhe. com/latest/index090408_p. htm).The Black Newsletter also listed the result of the SAT, which included other races Black (430 Verbal, 427 Math), Asian (501 Verbal, 569 Math), White (527 Verbal, 533 Math) and Puerto Rican (455 Verbal, 451 Math) (www. blackexcel. org/nov-2003. html). Noticeably, the black rated the lowest on that result listing. On the other hand, the Princeton Review held that there was a variation by gender on the SAT result based on the College postings report, which revealed that women scored 42 points lower than men, representing a gap that has grown each of the past three years (www.advancingwomen. com/college_satbias. html). Consequently, the abovementioned statistics greatly revealed tha t the black women are situated amidst two forces. Indeed, black women have known they are the heirs of a dual inheritance racism and sexism says Veronica Chambers Doubleday, author of the book Having It All Black Women and success (www. highbeam. com/doc/1G1-99375215. html).

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Junking the Junk Food Essay Example for Free

Junking the Junk Food EssayIn this article the author is stressful to lay out us how our country has become very unhealthy nation. warner believes that to end the obesity in the country the organisation needs to be involved. They should make healthy food more appealing while making the fling food less appealing. There ar a lot of pack whom argon worrying and trying to change the way majority of American people eat. Be energize almost 40% of American people are fat, and that because the way they eat. Lot of politicians are trying to send their message to the public and trying to make them execute that fast food is bad for them and consume healthy is good. Personally I dont infer that political relation can force somebody to change the way they eat. The only(prenominal) way or the only solution is changing our culture, because most of the people think eating burgers and fries every mean solar day is normal, thats their culture. precisely the day that we change that thi nking and the day that we start thinking that eating healthy (fruits, vegetables) everyday is a normal, than we are going to have a different culture, and totally different America. 400 Warner identifies how politician Sarah Palin late made an appearance in Bucks County, Pennsylvania with cookies to pass out to the kids of the local schools and how unnecessary the act was.Criticizing Palins actions, Warner continues on her point of how children are not deprived of these treats that some believe to be needed and how these foods and lack of nutriment need to be changed not encouraged. 401- Warner also mentions here how Glenn Beck mocked the governmentand led to government health inspectors shutting pass a7-year olds lemonade stand. Government cant regulate what the American people eatand dont eat. Because there are lot of educated people and know the consequences of eating too much fatty foods. She also refers to Michelle Obamas campaign to fight childhood obesity. She wants to ch ange our culture educating peoples to eat fruits and vegetables instead of french fries and burgers. 402- Warner relieves how government is trying to regulate the amount of junk food that we eat.She is trying to compare current events and historical events to explain how the eating habits in our country have changed over the years. An example is the food rationing programs of World War 2 She also offers some solutions to the problem of obesity in the country. One of these solutions is that we should make fatting foods look bad, corresponding we made cigarettes look bad. People will have a hard time changing their eating habits when junk food is portrayed as delicious and they dont directly receive electronegative side effects 403- The only way or the only solution is changing our culture, because most of the people think eating burgers and fries everyday is normal, thats their culture. But the day that we change that thinking and the day that we start thinking that eating healthy (fruits, vegetables) everyday is a normal, than we are going to have a different culture, and totally different America. 404- She also mention if we stop putting the cigarette like a sexy and cool product instead of putting something really bad that can damage our lungs and cause a horrible disease like a lung cancer can stop people smoking.

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The One That Works Best Essay Example for Free

The One That Works Best EssayThere are a lot of factors that play how one grasps information. Each and either person is unique in their ability, interest and background knowledge and it is full to assume that there is a preferred mood of schooling that holds best for them. The common styles of larn are visual, auditory, and kinesthetic but a style can be determines in further abstruseness through m any(prenominal) divergent evaluations. I have learned a few things about myself and my give personal education style which I will share with you in this essay. There are one-third basic skill styles which are visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. Visual learners retain information best through visual get a lined immune deficiency syndrome such as graphs, pictures, films and demonstrations. Auditory learners absorb the most from hearing the material through lectures or oral examination discussions. The last of the three is Kinesthetic learners who learns best through somat ogenetic demonstrations rather than seeing or hearing. base on the completion of Learning Style Inventory (Bixler, 2010), I have determined I am a Kinesthetic learner also know as a tactile learner. My preference of learning is through a hands-on method.When I reflect on my study habits I found that this is true. I retain information better through moving, doing or touching. How can I make this learning style work best for me? I can make studying a more physical task. quite of sitting down and reading I could stand, or snack while listening to lectures. Playing unison in the background is something I often do and is also a useful habit to acquire for kinesthetic learners. One of the down falls of existence a tactile learner is that I am easily distracted but allowing myself frequent study breaks will help with staying on track with any assignment. Through the Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire (Felder Soloman, n.d.), I have determined that I am not plainly a well-rounded l earner but I also have very strong learning preferences that may affect my grasp on content. My departs reflected that I am an active learner. I use a Lets try it out and see how it whole kit, study mentality.The questionnaire also reflected that when it comes to sensing and intuition I am a little bit of both. I like learning facts as well as theories. I have discovered through this questionnaire thatI am also well rounded when it comes to being a visual and verbal learner. Visual and verbal learning is the primary method of learning in todays school system. I believe I reflected being fairly balanced in both because this is the learning style Ive known based on the teaching style offered. Last, the questionnaire showed me that I am a sequential learner as well as a global learner. This result is accurate because different topics require a different way to complete or learn them whether it is note by step or absorbing bits and pieces to get the big picture. I have always known t hat I learned things better through hands-on experience. After taking both evaluations I know I actually prefer many different learning styles but I am predominately a kinesthetic or active learner. I am sure this has switch overd many time based on my situation. Understanding what style works best for me is the first step in success.Being a physical learner will make taking online classes a bit difficult because online learning isnt a hands-on kind of learning environment. My style may change throughout this course based on the situation or I will adapt my current learning style to somehow work with this environment. Throughout life we evolve and adapt to the different situations we are put in. This type of evolution occurs when it comes to our learning styles. As learners we adapt to the learning environment because it is more likely that our learning style will change before the teaching style changes. Every individual has a preferred learning style that works best for them bas ed on their current situation. Each and every one of us is different and every different person has a different situation from the other which brings us to the conclusion that everyone has a different learning style.ReferencesBixler, B. (2010). Learning style inventory. Retrieved from http//www.personal.psu.edu/bxb11/LSI/LSI.htm Felder, R. M., Soloman, B. A. (n.d.). Index of learning styles. Retrieved from http//www.engr.ncsu.edu/learningstyles/ilsweb.html Reiner, C. Willingham, D. (2010). The myth of learning styles. Retrieved from http//www.changemag.org/Archives/Back%20Issues/September-October%202010/the-myth-of-learning-full.html

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Ap European History Essay Example for Free

Ap europiuman record EssayAfter reading and studying this chapter, you should be competent to discuss the meanings of the term renaissance. You should be able to explain the economic context for the metempsychosis, the new status of the artist in rebirth Italy, and the meanings of the terms mankindism, secularism, and laissez faire as applied by scholars to the Renaissance. Also, you should be able to explain how the Italian Renaissance affected politics, the economy, and society. Fin completelyy, be able to elaborate on the evolution of medieval kingdoms into early modern nation-states, and the spread of Renaissance humanism northward. Chapter Outline I. The Evolution of the Italian Renaissance A. Economic Growth as the Basis of the Renaissance 1. Venice, Genoa, and Milan grew plenteous on commerce between 1050 and 1300. 2. Florence, where the Renaissance originated, was an important banking center by the fourteenth snow. B. Communes and Republics 1. In Union Italy the larger cities won independence from local nobles and became self-governing communes of free manpower in the twelfth part century. 2. local anaesthetic nobles moved into the cities and married into wealthy merchant families.This new class set up property requirements for citizenship. . The excluded, the popolo, rebelled and in some cities set up republics. 5. By 1300 the republics had collapsed, and despots or oligarchies governed most Italian cities. C. The Balance of indicator among the Italian City-States 1. City patriotism and constant competition for power among cities prevented political centralization on the Italian peninsula. 2. As cities strove to maintain the balance of power among themselves, they invented the apparatus of modern diplomacy. 3. In 1494 the city of Milan invited intervention by the french King Charles VIII. 4.Italy became a battleground as France, Spain, and the Holy roman print Emperor vied for dominance. 5. In 1527 the forces of Holy Roman Emperor C harles V sacked Rome. II. Intellectual H solelymarks of the Renaissance A. Individualism 1. Renaissance writers stressed individual personality, greatness, and achievement, in contrast to the medieval ideal of Christian humility. B. Humanism 1. The revival of antiquity took the form of interest in archaeology, recovery of ancient manuscripts, and study of the Latin classics. 2. The study of the classics became known as the new learning, or humanism. 3. humane scholars studied antiquity non so much to find God as to know human nature and understand a different historical context. 4. Humanists derided what they viewed as the debased Latin of the medieval churchmen. C. lay Spirit 1. The secular way of thinking focuses on the world as experienced rather than on the spiritual and/or eternal. 2. Renaissance thinkers came to see life as an opportunity rather than a saddle-sore pilgrimage toward God. 3. Lorenzo Valla argued that sense pleasures were the highest good. 4. Giovanni Boccacci o wrote about an acquisitive, sensual, worldly society.Renaissance popes expended much money on new make believeings, a new cathedral (St. Peters), and on patronizing artists and men of letters. III. Art and the Artist A. Art and Power 1. In the early Renaissance, corporate groups such as guilds sponsored religious art. 2. By the late 15th century individual princes, merchants, and bankers sponsored art to glorify themselves and their families. Their urban palaces were full of expensive furnishings as well as art. 3. genuine themes, individual portraits, and realistic style characterized Renaissance art. 4.Renaissance artists invented perspective and portrayed the human body in a more than natural and scientific manner than previous artists did. B. The Status of the Artist 1. Medieval masons were viewed as mechanical workers/artisans. Renaissance artists were seen as intellectual workers. 2. The princes and merchants who patronized artists paid them well. 3. Artists themselves g loried in their achievements. During the Renaissance, the concept of artist as genius was born. 4. Renaissance culture was only the culture of a very wealthy mercantile elect(ip) it did not affect the lives of the urban middle classes or the poor.IV. Social Change A. Education and Political melodic theme 1. Humanist writers were preoccupied with education for morality and virtue. 2. Baldassare Castigliones The Courtier (1528) presented an image of the ideal man as rule of dance, music, the arts, warfare, mathematics, and so on. 3. Daughters of the elite received an education similar to sons and a few went on to become celebrated painters or scholars. 4. In The Prince (1513), Niccolo Machiavelli argued that politics could not follow simple rules of virtue and moralitythat it ought in occurrence to be studied as a science.B. The Printed Word 1. Around 1455 in the German city of Mainz, Johan Gutenberg and ii other men invented the movable type printing press. 2. Methods of paper production had reached Europe in the twelfth century from China through the Near East. 3. Printing made government and Church propaganda much more practical, created an invisible public of readers, and stimulated literacy among laypeople. C. Clocks 1. City people involved in commerce had a need to measure time. 2. By the early fourteenth century mechanical clocks were widespread in Europe. .Mechanical clocks and precise measurement of time contributed to the development of a conception of the universe in measurable, quantitative terms. D. Women and Work 1. Early modern culture identified women with marriage and the domestic virtues. 2. Women were involved with all economic activity connected with the care and nurturing of the family, as well as working outside the home. 3. Women during the Renaissance worked in a variety of businessesfor example, sailmakingand even in a few isolated cases managed large enterprises. tight women were normally excluded from the public arena and instead managed their households. E. Culture and Sexuality 1. Womens status in the area of love, romance, and sex declined during the Renaissance. 2. Writers such as Castiglione created the double standard? women were to be faithful in marriage, while men need not be. 3. Penalties for rape in Renaissance Italy were very light. 4. In spite of statutes against sodomy, generally referring to potent homosexuality, Florentine records from the fifteenth century show a lot of homosexual activity going on, usually relations between an adult male and a boy.F. Slavery and Ethnicity 1. In medieval and Renaissance Europe many Slavic, Tartar, Circassian, Greek, and Hungarian slaves were imported. 2. Beginning in the fifteenth century the Portuguese brought many black African slaves into Europe. 3. Within Africa the economic motives of rulers and merchants trumped any cultural/ pagan/racial hostility toward Europeans. They sold fellow Africans into thraldom apparently without qualms. 4. Africans did not identify themselves as black, but as members of more than 600 different tribal and ethnic groups. 5.Black slaves were an object of curiosity at European courts. 6. The Renaissance concept of people from sub-Saharan Africa was regulate by Christian symbology of light and darkness? blacks represented the Devil. Race did not emerge as a concept until the late seventeenth century. V. The Renaissance in the North A. Northern Humanists 1. In the late fifteenth century students from northern Europe studied in Italy and brought the Renaissance home. 2. Thomas More (14781535) of England argued that reform of tender institutions could reduce or eliminate corruption and war. 3.The Dutchman Desiderius Erasmus (14661536) was an expert in the Bible and Greek language who believed that all Christians should read the Bible. 4. Francois Rabelais (14901553) ridiculed established institutions such as the clergy with gross humor in Gargantua. 5. Flemish artists came to rival the Italian Renaissan ce painters. VI. Politics and the State in the Renaissance (ca 14501521) A. Centralization of Power 1. Some scholars have viewed Renaissance kingship as a new form, citing the dependence of the monarch on urban wealth and the ideology of the soaked king.In France Charles VII (r. 14221461) created the first permanent royal army, set up new taxes on sodium chloride and land, and allowed increased influence in his bureaucracy from middle-class men. He also asserted his right to accuse bishops in the Pragmatic Sanction of Bourges. 3. Charless son Louis XI (r. 14611483) fostered industry from artisans, taxed it, and used the funds to build up his army. He brought much new territory under direct Crown rule. 4. In England Edward IV ended the War of the Roses between rival baronial houses. 5.Henry VII ruled largely without Parliament, employ as his advisers men with lower-level gentry origins. 6. Henrys Court of the Star Chamber tried cases involving aristocrats and did so with methods contradicting common law, such as torture. 7. Although Spain remained a confederation of kingdoms until 1700, the wedding of Isabella of Castile and Ferdinand of Aragon did lead to some centralization. Ferdinand and Isabella stopped force among the nobles, recruited middle-class advisers onto their royal council, and secured the right to appoint bishops in Spain and in the Spanish empire in America. . common anti-Semitism increased in fourteenth-century Spain.In 1478 Ferdinand and Isabella invited the Inquisition into Spain to search out and punish Jewish converts to Christianity who secretly continued Jewish religious practices. 9. To persecute converts, Inquisitors and others formulated a racial theory? that conversos were suspect not because of their beliefs, but because of who they were racially. 10. In 1492 Ferdinand and Isabella expelled the Jews from Spain.

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Tess, Gatsby and Rapture Essay Example for Free

Tess, Gatsby and Rapture EssayFor it was non into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my head.The assertion made here, being that sure savor does not involve physical actions but strong emotional bonds, is evident in both the novels, Tess of the DUrbervilles as well as The large Gatsby and in the poetry collection Rapture as we see each three protagonists experience a volume of intense feelings towards the object of their affections from the passionate love that they feel for their other half to sheer despair of their others approval. However there are compositiony physical obstacles that stand in their way, such as Alec and tomcat who touch Tess and Daisy physically and materially but not emotionally. In Rapture, the lovers become separated due to the unorthodox nature of their descent, this arguably intensifies the love tangle by the poet as many say, Distance makes the heart go fonder.It is obvious to us as the reader that Tess is volitioning to obtain true love at all costs even though that whitethorn mean demise, this shows how very deeply nonpareil has touched Tess emotionally and not just physically.It shows her obsession with holy man and her dismay at Alecs persistent love interest in her I dont see how I can help being the cause of much misery to you all your life. The river is down there. I can put an end to myself in it. I am not afraidI will leave something to show that I did it myself on account of my shame. They will not blame you then. Here Tess takes all the blame for Angels decision to end their relationship and offers to kill herself in modulate to save Angel the embarrassment of having to explain why his marriage failed. Tess takes the intemperately burden and almost exaggerates it being the cause of much misery to you all your life seems to be a bold statement of guilt yet it was not just her who wasnt a virgin when Angel and Tesss relationship commenced. The use of simple s entences in this extract gives Tesss decision a backbone of finality and determination she will do anything to see that Angel is happy.The use of such negative linguistic communication sparks a sympathetic despair in the reader as Tess seems so set on last her life misery end not shame and blame all have connotations of conclusiveness, as if nil will change Tesss mind because she is convinced that she must take the suffering in order to appease Angel. Her final though They will not blame you not but evokes a sensation ofdefiniteness but is perhaps a comment on the social conventions that the Victorian reader would be accustomed too should one have an affair or it be discovered that a human beings wife was not virginal before their marriage then the primary concern for the man was to avoid scandal as it could destroy his reputation. No matter how in the love the couple may have been, it was not easy to forgive ones wife is such a discovery was made as it was a social embarrass ment and ultimately a social inconvenience.Here Tess demonstrates her knowledge of Angels concern as she attempts to solve this problem by suggesting that she drown herself. A recent reader would not be quite so concerned with the idea of people finding come in that one was not virginal before marriage as one critic comments her soul re principal(prenominal)s unstained disregardless of what happens to her body. This comment on how Tess remains pure even though her body is violated, is a particularly modern view, society no longer frowns upon a girl if she is not chaste till marriage as they did in the Victorian era. This is why the statement They will not blame you has such an impact on both the readers acceptance of the novels social context and the readers realisation that Angel has touched Tesss heart and soul and not just her ears and lips.Similarly in the poem If I Was Dead from Duffys collection Rapture the main theme of the poem is around the idea that the love received fr om the poets lover is strong and powerful equal to raise her body along with her own love from the dead I swear your lovewould raise me out of my grave,in my flesh and blood,like Lazarus thirsty(p) for this,and this, and this,your living kiss.Duffys use of the images of death, especially the Biblical reference to the man who was awoken from the dead, in compare to the vagarious kiss of life show the physical distance of the lovers yet it emphasis the strength of the bond of true love between them, even in death. In a similar way to the way brazen-faced uses Tesss family tomb in The Woman Pays, to heighten the sense of a bleak future for Angel and Tess, Duffy uses a grave to illustrate not only the powerful, reawakening nature of love, but the foreshadowing of the metaphorical death of their relationship. In this poem, the graphic images of flesh and blood being re retentivenessd to arise from a grave create a gothic image of the supremacy of love. Instead of using a noun such as skin Duffy chooses the rallying cry fleshto show the rawness of the emotions associated with death and she almost begins to compare these with the emotions indicative of love as she writes that the speaker is hungry for the lovers living kiss.The adjective living provokes one to think of the kiss of life. The lover breathes life and love into the carcass of her other, in order to restore what once was there this kiss is so heart-rending that it touches not only her lips, but her soul as it rekindles the light of life within her. Contrastingly in Gatsby, the love felt by the protagonist is never truly reciprocated as it is for Tess and Angel and Duffy and her lover, as Daisy ultimately cannot admit that she wishes to be with Gatsby and not her husband Tom. However, the love that Gatsby feels, to him is pure and all engulfing, as it is what has driven him to seek corrupt promoter of becoming successful as he feels this is what is stopping himself and Daisy being together.Yet Gatsbys idealised variance of Daisy is what forces his love to stand the test of time He had been full of the idea so long, dreamed it in effect(p) through to the end, waited with his teeth set, so to speak, at an inconceivable pitch of intensitybecause of the colossal vitiality of his illusionno amount of fire or freshness can challenge what a man can store up in his ghostly heart. The fact that at this point in the novel, when Gatsby and Daisy get their first informal moments alone together, Hardy choses to describe Daisy as Gatsbys illusion is incredibly poignant.

Virtual Reality Internship Reflection

Virtual worldly concern Internship ReflectionExecutive summary almost Internship/abstractSpoketech is Chicago based company compriseed in 2005 cogitate on helping businesses realize their vision. Our aggroup has a solid experience in IT strategy and engineering solutions. Its a small consulting firm and fortunately they started working on VR(Virtual Reality) environment. I got interviewed by showing them my portfolio of my old work I through in concord Engine. So I had the opportunity to work with them on this quarter for past 9 weeks. The company had all the resources for working on virtual reality stating from the parcel product to hardware everything are cutting edge technology. I was allowed to work on high end software such a Unity, Maya, and Photoshop. I got introduced to agile reading methodologies. I proved a valuable resource throughout this quarter by expressing my effectiveness and providing there necessary requirements developing the product.Detailed Descriptio n Responsibilities Goals/ObjectivesAt SpokeTech Inc, I was assigned to work in Virtual Reality one of their own products in quislingism with Amazon mist over operate. I worked in the Maya and Unity part. The team wants me to build the 3D model and second to Unity and already there is a test model was built to test in the VR environment.So this a cloud based service, before I joined they already started working on cloud services. I was assigned to the task to build 3D models with low poly count so that they merchantman transfer to the cloud and download into Unity engine to make their product.I taught myself to design Maya and went through different websites and watched educational YouTube videos and designed a lot of prototype model and communicated with the team to build a perfect 3D model. To complete the task efficiently I apply the already test build model high print to design the 3D model. In the end the model came what was we expected.Also, I was involved in VR scripti ng link work. The project was done using C language because the unity engine supports JavaScript and C. I found that C is easy for me as I learnt it before when I took a class in DePaul put up winter quarter. I created dewy-eyed interactive UI scripts as front end work for the project which everything was done in Unity engine. by from that I was introduced into Agile Methodology I carry learnt the principles for software development under which the requirements and solutions evolve through the collaborative effort of self-organized cross-functional teams. I had to join a website called Trello and to work with the team and get a exposure of Agile Methodology.Also I voluntarily involved myself in photoshop,I can create texture for the models I made. So I had download HD quality images from the Google then I used Photoshop to edit and applied to the modes in Maya as UV mapping.Internship was with the SpokeTech Inc was from January 11th to March 16th. 9 weeks I perk up spent. Most of the conversations done through Skype meeting. I had to visit them on occasions. I mentioned what I did for every week below1st week Modeling2nd week Modeling3rd week importation everything to unity 3D(Fixing up the meshes) and models4th week-Programming in C5th week -Photoshop6th Week- Programming in C7th Week- Modeling8th Week- Programming in Unity3D9th Week Programming in Unity 3DMajor Tasks accomplishedTasks accomplished are creating 3d models, Created simple scripts based on the supervisory program requirements. Uploaded the 3D models into the Amazon cloud and downloaded successfully using unity engine where every code was scripted using C.Skills That I learned on the job I was introduced to agile methodology and C scripting, I learn a lot about penetration testing with my peer during my Internship. Also, I learn about unity and UV Mapping in Maya. Apart from that I was introduced to Amazon Cloud services to upload the Asset bundle from the unity to cloud and retrieve back from the cloud. Everything was coded in C. I improved a lot in my communication and other soft skills.How your education at DePaul helped you at your internshipThe courses that I took at DePaul really helped me prepare for the Internship. The course SE456 (Architecture of impales) helped me scripting C and I have learned about design patterns. That helped me to write code efficiently. I was working on the Unity 3D which is a game engine tool which supports C scripting so this course helped me in a lot of different aspects. Apart from that I already learnt Maya in the free time that also provided me great help for designing the Models put across in the company. Apart from this knowledge I gained in DePaul University really helped me throughout the Internship.Also took Optimized C++(CSC461) on last year fall quarter. The subject is helpful for me to work on creating a own simple shader code like phong shading.Conclusion This internship is the stepping-stone for my career. I hav e met a lot of intelligent people in the firm throughout my internship. I have gained in-depth knowledge Unity VR platform, development from scratch. I have learned to test the code using agile software development process. I also gained a ruin understanding of how to establish communication with the employer within SpokeTech organization effectively. The dedication and passion I got from the company have made me a lasting impression, and I Feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to work in such an environment.