Wednesday, April 24, 2019

International Business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words - 1

International Business - Essay ExampleOur babe foods will let in fruits, vegetables, meat, chicken and rice. They would all be full of bread and butter and will fulfill babys dust growth needs. The confederation will have 3 main units the baby food unit, clinical nutrition department and the research and development department. They all will work simultaneously analyzing the market needs and change the product. European Union which is the union comprised of 27 member states of Europe has set rules and policies for the business which have to be adhered by the company. The company has devised few strategies which would help it in the stage of final implementation of the project.The companys aim is to manufacture and sell the baby food for the babys from age 4 months to 2 years. Our intention is to produce premium quality food which fulfills the hygienic standards and is full of nutritions for the baby, memory in mind his growing needs.It will be a new experience for the company t o defer into a new market, thus realizing its needs it has signed partnership agreement with local manufacturers Mr. Z and Mrs. Z who will help in implementing appropriate strategies, plans and provide necessary knowhow to the company about the local market. The meshing will be shared in the ratio of 2080, 20 % to Mr. and Mrs. Z and 80% to the company. furthermore the company will finance the projects and Mr. and Mrs. Z will aid in selling the products to local retailers.The company will require setting up its factories in Europe in order to manufacture baby food, thus it has decided to enter Europe in 2 countries United Kingdom and Spain. It has planned to construct its factories in London and Madrid respectively. As being capitals these two places are easily accessible with disco biscuit facilities and there is ease of goods availability. In addition they are busy cities and will attract

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