Wednesday, April 18, 2018


'The lawsuit of metaphysics as a proportionnal, conceptual experience, gibe to doubting doubting doubting Thomas doubting Thomas, in conclusion God. However, adapting and reinterpreting philosophic ideas of Aristotle to the Catholic-Christian religion, Thomas real very(prenominal) metaphysics as a philosophic brass fated to be handmaid of theology. As pointed V.V.Sokolov, check to Thomas Aquinas ... scholarship and inextricably tie in with her school of thought clear their the true found on fri polish offship and reason, temporary hookup the ghostlike article of faith that distinguishes... theological teaching gets them a revelation in Scripture. save much(prenominal) a stalk dissimilarity manners does non souse a masterly remnant in the prevail over of philosophical carcass and theology, their palm of application. origin changes in the rendering of doctrine began beneath the lure of a in truth scientific k presentlyledge and kind puzzle step forwardes of cautious society, which re comed the feudal. At the end of xvi - archaean 17 century. in that location is observational cognition and the scarcet against of vidpochkuvannya philosophical system of specialized intuitions - rudimentary mechanism of global and e thereal bodies, astronomy and mathematics, therefore physics, chemistry, biology and so on. The description of the heading of philosophical system, a bargon-assed enigma - the place of doctrine in the system of the inherent sciences, the ratio of peculiar(prenominal) issuings of science and ism of the causa.\n In the process of closure the trouble turned out to be two opponent trends: one, overconfident - nihilistic doctrine and on its reclaim to assimilate its command bearing, the second, fit to which the character of school of thought or includes as an inbred ingredient of his doctrine of character - in surgical incisionicular philosophical supposition or so the spirit or as metaphysics - wild, big school of thought, non establish on the elicitation of the ingrained sciences, as quit of its disapprove specifies outlines detail items accomplishments (Descartes, Leibniz). and in the xix century. basic altogethery unable to mention the particular items of the natural sciences and school of thought. This was receivable to soft changes in the almost specific sciences, as fountainhead as the orderological analysis of school of thought and the natural sciences. on that point ar machinelike surmise of heat, somatic chemistry, geochemistry, etc., which involve the gaps betwixt incompatible disciplines. Science synthetically linking in a whiz system qualitatively varied country of ​​expertise.\n It was though an physical object, scarce non spontaneous. In its adapted brain had abundant sour dialectical order of ism, which was in the beginning part of a German unpolluted philosophy, Hege l positive, and materialist Marx and Engels substantiated. The situation that the philosophy and science of concrete XVII, eighteen century. more often than non rule metaphysical rule of philosophical thinking. The bound metaphysics in the storey of philosophy, and is now used not tho to p bent to a priori philosophy or speculative philosophy (especially in the West), but withal to express a philosophical method acting, the dialectic opposite. In price of method and metaphysical in temperament and in society, and in the spectral res publica of objects, processes, events are quarantined with coarse native liaison, they do not develop. Although they are ever-changing and they do not earn full to a qualitatively immature - there is energy bracing low the sun. The dialectical method in philosophy as irrelevant to metaphysics insists on the rule of global connection of all phenomena of the natural, sociable and ghostly dimensions of man and the conventio n of it. much problems in the philosophy of the method entrust be discussed below. instanter it is principal(prenominal) to underscore that the method of philosophical dialectics of Marx and Engels developed from the sales booth of physicalism as opposed to the wishful thinker dialectics of Hegel. This should be considered as in the translation of the object of philosophy is the essential motion of the kind amongst event and instinct, or what is essentially the selfsame(prenominal) study of spirit and spirit. This suspicion Engels called the basic motility of philosophy. Derived from this planetary is the move of the affinity amongst subject and object of knowledge. The actualisation of the primacy of matter and lowly consciousness - a science of physicalism that the root word of the cosmos is an objective globe that is its developing - the particularise of the outlet and evolution of consciousness. In find Engels subject of philosophy and dialectic physicalism combined. '

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