Monday, March 25, 2019

Da Vincis The Mona Lisa Essay -- Visual Arts Paintings Art Da Vinci J

Da Vincis The Mona LisaWhen I first pillow slip up at the Mona Lisa, I notice the intriguing lookthat is on her face. The font is one that reminds me of a ladythat is neither blessed nor sad, smiling nor frowning. Her skin is in truthsmooth and she has no blemishes, but in like manner she has no eyebrows, whichmakes her look quite strange. At different metres the expression onMona Lisa changes. Sometimes she is giving a cheeky smile and othersshe looks puzzled. This is very strange and almost magical.Also, when looking at the Mona Lisa, I notice that her face is bathedin light. This light is almost heavenly and gives the impression thatshe is angelic. But on the contrary, another thing I notice is thedark clothing and grisly mysterious background ambit. The darkclothing and the veil covering her pig give the impression that shehas been to a funeral or is in mourning. The background setting isvery mysterious. The winding roads, ravenous mountains and the gloomyfog all tote u p to the mystery. It is as if the background is right out ofa fantasy story. another(prenominal) weird thing that the background does is makesthe beholder unsure on which time of day it is in the picture.The painting is Oil on a poplar wood panel. This was Da Vincis mainstyle. It may have helped to urinate the Sfumato technique. The sizing ofthe painting is 77cm x 53cm, this is quite a small size for such agreat painting. Da Vinci may have make this to make it look morelifelike so the beh...

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