Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Mirrors Don’t Lie in Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.s The Lie Essay -- Kurt Vonne

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.s The Lie - Mirrors take upt LieIn The Lie by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., Eli Remenzel is a thirteen-year-old son on his way to The Whitehill Preparatory School with his parents. Little do they be intimate that Eli is keeping a big secret from them he didnt contribute accepted to the school. As the story unfolds Eli finally cracks under the pressure of the inhabit as the headmaster informs his parents that he wasnt accepted at Whitehill. What happens following is a disaster. As I was reading the story I detect a lot of qualities in the incompatible characters that are traits I image in myself. Eli, his mother Sylvia, and his father limit Remenzel all have different characteristics that reflect me. These characteristics are what blend together to make me a unequaled individual. First Ill focus on the similarities between Eli and myself. Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. writes, Eli sit down up again, but began to slump almost immediately () hoping to die or disappear. This was w ritten while Eli kept the secret from his parents. As I reread the passage I disliked the way Eli decided to handle his secret. or else of coming right out and telling his parents what the problem was, he treat it, and every mile they drove it became bigger and harder to hold in. Notice the al-Quran slump in the above passage from the story. This was the first thing to tonic water out at me indicating our similarity, because the word creates a vivid picture of myself when I am in similar situations. I felt Elis foiling building, and I realized I handle problems with my family in the same way. My parents neer have the same reaction to a problem, so Im always scared that theyll be angry or disappointed in me. This causes me to do exact... ...tor Rememzel, I accomplished nothing embarrassed myself, yet the bordering time I was unhappy I would repeat my actions over again. I no longer throw temper tantrums, but I do speak before I think and often say and do things that I do not mean. Unlike the other previously mentioned faults, I am quite aware of this one, and I recognized the similarities between Doctor Remenzel and myself right away. In conclusion, I disliked The Lie, because the characters in it exemplify the chastise qualities in myself. Whether its not being honest with my family, being self-absorbed, or my uncontrollable temper, I cannot like characters that possess these traits because I hate these traits deep down myself. Reading about the characters is like looking into a mirror, and like the deed of conveyance says, mirrors dont lie.

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