Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Leadership and Managed Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Leadership and Managed - Essay ExampleLeadership is the powerfulness to provide vision to the organization where as management is the ability to put that vision into practice thus managerial roles follow lead and do not take precedence.The earlier literature on leadership suggested that leadership is a process which emerge out of the in-born capabilities of the leaders thus it was concluded that the leaders are born and cannot be developed however later seek suggested another(prenominal)wise and put forward different theories of leadership which seek to define it in different contexts as compared to the old school of thought on the leadership. The ensuant theories put forward an entirely different interpretation of the leadership and recent thoughts on leadership seems to have borrowed much from the leadership concepts of Religion such as Christianity and Buddhism as the leaders are now considered as servants and not someone with the absolute authority of punishing and rewardin g the employees.Leadership is one of the most of import management concepts which have much different significance to the overall success of the business. It has always been argued that the success and failure of an organization largely depend upon the effectiveness of the leadership. The collapse the leadership is, the more successful the organization may be.Leadership is now considered as one of the most contempora... and emergence of leadership and in this regard various theories have also been put forward which attempted to define what leadership is and how it emerges. Based on these theories and processes, there emerged different leadership styles suited to different organizations at different time and the process continue to evolve as literature on organisational leadership has greatly improved in terms of its orientation course as well as scope as the subsequent studies have defined leadership from multiple perspectives and from a larger view of the different organization al frameworks. This literature review will undertake a detailed overview of the concepts of management as well as leadership and how both differentiate from each other and how they corroborate with each other in order to achieve success for the organization.What is leadershipThere is an ambiguity surrounding what we perceive as leadership and this fixings also lead us to difficulties in teaching leadership also.(Barker,1997). Leadership is considered as a revitalizing and energizing force that is critical to the success of the organization.(Frank, Gertz & Porter, 1996). thusly leadership is something upon which the success and failure of the organization is largely dependent. However, what actually leadership is and how it emerges is still an undecided question as many research studies have attempted to define leadership from different perspectives. Peter Druker defined leadership as something which has followers whereas John C Maxwell defined it as nothing simply sheer influence . (Thorson, 2005). Leadership can also be defined as Leadership is a process by which a person influences others to accomplish an butt and directs the organization in a way that makes it more cohesive and coherent. Leaders carry out this

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