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Revised pieces 2,3,4,5,and structured Research Paper

Revised pieces 2,3,4,5,and structured - Research Paper Example Nevertheless, the actions of Capone did not allow this Act, to be effective with the numerous illegal beer breweries that he carried out. Capone’s money, power and glamour are accompanied by ruthless activities which he engages in be it murder, violence so long as his goals are achieved. His violence is clearly seen in the St. Valentine’s Day massacre becoming one of the most horrifying events in Chicago’s history. A lump sum reward will accorded to any person who brings in any invaluable information to the authorities. Contact the address at the bottom of the page. Piece 4 board games The following game is to be played by following rules and instructions Paying rent on a utility if you throw a dice and it falls on a utility owned by another player, you pay him thrice the value of the property. Timing and trading, this can happen any time, but only when you are playing. Buying a mortgaged property when buying a mortgaged property you can pay for it later in the g ame or pay for it immediately. The game includes ladders that will help you in climbing as you gain more and more wealth. Every time your dice ends in square with a ladder use to climb up The game includes jail card you will get a jail card if you fail to pay on time for rent or mortgaged property. Owners of a property are required to pay taxes failure to which they will be sent to jail. The tax will be 15% of the value of the property. The more properties you the more taxes is required of you Piece 5 how to gain and keep power Be ironic; never trust your friends too much, learn how to make use of your enemies just like AL Capone who expressed his good intentions towards his enemies by sending them flowers during their funerals. Learn to keep your intentions to yourself because you may never know who will use them against you. Get other people to do the work for you, but take the credit. AL Capone maintained his power by providing what was needed by the majority that is the poor who depended on alcohol to absorb their sorrows away. Always learn to win people by your actions, Al Capone was always there to help people who were in need and therefore despite the evil side of Capone people could care less of his criminal activities. Capone was an elegant person who valued family; he always played the part of a self-made millionaire, whose actions did not depict anything unusual that would brand him a social misfit. Although Capone died many years ago living behind a character that is emulated by script writers for various movies. Piece 6 tabloid article Al Capone’s illegal nature started way back when he was a teenager, when he joined a criminal organization by the name five point gang. After he moved to Chicago, Capone’s involvement with Colosimo, a criminal gangster led him together with Torrio to expand operations after his death. In the 1920s, he had a booming criminal; an empire that included beer breweries, night club gambling organization and a prostitution circle. Although he was a criminal, he was considered a successful businessman though the means by which he gained that fame is questionable, which is a benefit of cheating your way up to power. His fame was accompanied by admiration by those who regarded him as a business tycoon rather than a criminal gang. Often the society forgets the criminal nature of

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