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Curriculum Development Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Curriculum Development Paper - Essay Example To wash hands is the best strategy to prevent the spread of germs in the healthcare environment. The hospitals are full of germs (disease causing micro organisms) and nurses have some power of ensuring that their spread is prevented. In order to impact this knowledge to the nurses, a lesson plan will be designed to guide the process of refreshing the knowledge on why washing hands is extremely significant in the healthcare environment, Hand washing Liaison Group (1999) About 20 nurses washing their hands will spend only five minutes when this is done at fifteen seconds each and if this is done throughout the day, a lot of time will be spent but it would be worth it as germs will be reduced considerably and the spread will also be limited. The nurses will have to wash their hands in warm water by using the hospital soap dispenser and leally lather it up. The nurses will wash the front as well as the back of their hands and they will pretend that they are going to handle a very delicate situation like surgery. The soap should be massaged between the fingers ensuring that the nails are properly washed and this should take about fifteen seconds per individual. The nurses can be timed (Bergquist & Pogosian 2000). The scrubbing action is very important as it helps to break up germs and remove them altogether. After this, hands should be properly rinsed with clean water and dried with a clean piece of cloth preferably clean white towel or the fresh paper towels currently in use. Nurses should note that when cleaning hands in the washrooms used by many people, the paper towel is the one to be used to open the door knobs and handles as they are in most cases contaminated. Since nurses are professionals in the medical field, they are in a better position to explain how the germs spread disease and due to this; the hand washing habit should be habitual and needing less prompting (Hoffman & Wilson 1994). Nurses have a responsibility of their own health and that of the patients as well because they are the ones offering professional assistance in this case. Learning the Importance of Hand Washing In order to ensure that nurses are updated on the correct procedure of washing hands, they will have to discuss why hand washing is important citing possible consequences of not doing so. On the other hand a list of benefits of washing hands will be established. There are lots of micro-organisms that cause diseases yet many of these cannot be seen by a necked eye. Precaution is therefore very important since the hospital also present an environment that could host even more germs than a normal home or house (Rosenau et al 2009). Objectives Nurses will have to concrete reasons as to why they have to wash their hands Nurses will also be required to explain and comprehend that

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