Saturday, September 7, 2019

Research Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Research Paper - Essay Example To be specific, choosing an apt thesis for my research work was the most important problem. I need to prove myself that I am able to point out my own opinion on the topic selected for the research work. One can see that thesis is to be considered as the core element of a research work which influences the work as a whole. I was totally confused because I was permitted to choose the topic by my own. So, I decided to go through books. This initiative helped me to have through knowledge in the topic selected for the research work. I came to realize that no one can plan a research work without having thorough knowledge in the topic. I decided to make use of the books, journal articles and other sources and began to take notes. Then, I chose an apt thesis for my research work, went through other research works, and created an outline for my work. Next, I went through the notes and chose the most important points and quotations related to the topic. This was an easy task for me because the knowledge gathered from books, online journal articles, and other sources helped me to create an apt bibliography. Then, I began to write my first draft, including all the points to be included in the research work. After completing my task, I came to know that one of my peers is facing difficulty with the task of finding relevant sources for the research work. To be specific, this problem cannot be dealt with ease. My friend/peer must show utmost care and attention in finding relevant sources. For instance, my friend can go through the available books, journals and other sources in the library. After completing this task, my friend can make use of ‘Google Books’ to search books. Besides, my friend can make use of online magazines, online journal databases, online editions of newspapers and online libraries. I hope all these steps can help my friend/peer to complete

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