Thursday, September 26, 2019

The Law Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Law - Coursework Example Laws are there to ensure that two individuals become a [part of each other in a legal form and these laws are there to protect the right of individuals to own a property. Laws are there to ensure that all individuals are free and safe; law restricts and deals properly with those individuals who try to violate the rights of others. Hence, the main reason of existence of law is to control and maintain social order. A society where law has no control or there is no existence of law, will be government by certain individuals who have higher authority and those individuals will use their power and harm the interest of the society and will operate against the two basic right of each individuals; all individuals are free and equal. Criminal law refers to the legal regulations that the state has created and if these regulations are not accepted and individuals who operate against these regulations, they are recognized as criminals by the court of law. Other forms of law are recognized as civ il laws, and this kind of law is practiced when two private entities fail to comply with an agreement. The constitution and the policy makers of US has made several efforts to standardize law in all jurisdiction, one effort of standardization has been made in standardization of Common Law. Common law has mainly been standardize to the extent of purchase and sale of assets, property, services and goods, this standardization has taken place as the entire nation has adopted the Uniform Confirmation Code. The policy makers have even tried to standardize tort law by developing new and revising old statements of torts, but not all jurisdictions have accepted the continuous changes in tort law and have rejected several changes. Tort law covers those areas in which one individual or one organization inflicts or tries to inflict harm to other individuals and

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