Friday, October 18, 2019

Benefits of the Ctrip Idea in the Future Life Case Study - 35

Benefits of the Ctrip Idea in the Future Life - Case Study Example Decision making will be easier for the traveling agencies due to the classifications of travelers (Mohinder, 2009). Â  This classification will be beneficial to the agencies in that they will be able to make decisions based on the ability of their clients and consequently treat a client fairly and thus increasing their customer base (David & Nancy, 2012). Â  This exhibit according to the case idea demonstrates the customer base beginning from 2007 when a new CEO is hired. Considering the vertical axis as the customer base in hundreds of thousands and the horizontal axis as the years moving forward, it illustrates that in the year 2007 the customer base was at 600,000. The figure increases to 800,000 customers in 2011 resulting from the acquisition of 16 percent by Tencent Company. This figure is predicted to rise in 2017 due to the recommendations made and the figure is projected to be at one million customers. This means the customer base in the projected future life will increase accordingly (Mohinder, 2009). Â  Considering exhibit 5, the case idea recommends that the increase in the customer base through the methods stated earlier will lead to increase in the profits due to increase in the travel activities above.

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