Tuesday, October 15, 2019

What is the Investment case for floating of offshore wind turbines Essay

What is the Investment case for floating of offshore wind turbines - Essay Example Future climate alteration and connected effects will change from place to place all over the world, according to the IPCC report. The impacts of a growth in worldwide temperature comprise of an increase in the levels of sea and a variation in the quantity and pattern of precipitation, as well as a possible growth of subtropical deserts..One among the many proposed policy responses to global warming is the investment of offshore wind power, according to the 2013 Report of the European Wind Energy Association. Compared to the environmental effects of conventional energy sources, the environmental wind power effect is minor, a bit high than the environmental effect of hydro-water on a life-cycle basis. Different from electricity resulting from fossil fuels and nuclear power firms, wind power consumes no fuel and, emits no air pollution in operation. What is the Role of Fukushima Floating Offshore Wind Turbine Generating power? The Fukushima event played a significant role in this techno logy of floating offshore by setting up a sub-station, which was the only one of that type in operation. A development to tap the wind power about 20 kilometer off the coast of Fukushima, the region where the March 2011 nuclear disaster took place, started producing power based on operation, according to the report published on Bloomberg.com(http://www.bloomberg.com/news/print/2013-11-11/fukushima-floating-offshore-wind-turbine-starts-generating-power.html) The project that was funded by the government is a sign of Japans interest to develop the technology which has not yet been proved for floating the wind powers off the coast and its aim to change quake-ravaged Fukushima into an outstanding centre for energy production.†Fukushima is gaining ground in...Offshore wind ability is growing fast, from 4 GW (gigawatts) in 2011 to 175 GW by 2035, its development being underpinned by administration support," according to the International Energy Agency's 2012 World Energy Outlook rep ort (pages 226-227). This leads us to the question; what is the Investment case for floating of offshore wind turbines and for onshore wind turbines? Introduction This paper is meant to investigate the investment case for floating offshore wind turbines and for onshore wind turbines. Throughout the paper I will discuss various modes of offshore and onshore wind technology and how various nations across the globe have adapted that source of energy .Also throughout the paper I will discuss the various companies in the business of production of wind turbines and their rate of investment in the technology. What is driving the development and deployment of the technology? Global warming is the increase rise in the regular temperature of Earth's ambiance and oceans ever since the late 19th century and its predictable continuance. The Bloomberg report helps explain that a traditional floating offshore wind turbine tower that is constructed upward from the seafloor results to be too expensive to install in waters deeper than 50 meters, and this is a big issue for Japan since a continental shelf varying from 50 to 200 meters deep surrounds its coast.

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