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The Benefits Of Co Sleeping - 873 Words

The goal of this essay is to look at the pros and cons of co-sleeping through the analysis of the benefits for both the baby and the parents, the evolutionary argument, and the risks and downfalls associated with the practice. Co-sleeping offers health benefits through additional breast milk intake, an improved attachment bond, and improving a child’s ability to fall asleep. However, the negatives include many risks, most of which can be avoided with proper care, but which put an infant in danger of SIDS. These can take the forms of suffocation factors, environmental hazards, and the lesser problem of sleep-dependency. I take the position that co-sleeping is healthy and natural, and that I would rather see it encouraged and not discouraged, but I also recognize that there are a variety of risks involved with the process. Many of the benefits of co-sleeping stem from the interactions that can readily happen within the open, close proximity environment co-sleeping enables. One of these benefits is breast feeding, which can influence many other aspects of infant health and behavior. Breast feeding is much easier to perform when co-sleeping, as the infant is nearer to the parent and the position already accommodates for mother and baby’s comfort. Breast feeding and co-sleeping a cyclical relationship, as each promotes the other. A mother that co-sleeps will find herself breast sleeping more throughout the night and this nightly breast feeding will facilitate more co-sleepingShow MoreRelatedCo-Sleeping1392 Words   |  6 Pagessuggests that co-sleeping benefits infants because it decreases the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, increases the amount of time breastfeeding, and helps stabilize the child’s physiology. Annotated Bibliography: Source #1 Goldberg, W. A., amp; Keller, M. A. (2007). Co-sleeping during infancy and early childhood: key findings and future directions. Infant amp; Child Development, 16(4), 457-469. doi:10.1002/icd.522 This article describes the benefits of co-sleeping by pointingRead MoreHow Co Sleeping Can Affect A Family1723 Words   |  7 Pagesways that co-sleeping can affect a family. Co-sleeping is a hypernym of sleeping arrangements defined by Wendy Goldberg as â€Å"the presence of a caregiver who sleeps within close enough proximity of the infant to permit the exchange of at least two sensory stimuli† (par. 8). Goldberg is a psychology professor at the University of California, with specializations in infant sleep and transition into parenthood, among other things. While the medical community is at odds on the topic of co-sleeping, both sidesRead MoreEssay about Co Sleeping1435 Words   |  6 Pages Stephen Dufrechou 12/03/13 Benefits of co-sleeping with your infant for the first six months For as long as we can remember we are always told to never sleep with your baby that you could suffocate them by rolling over on them or what not. In a study by Davies, he found that prior to the 1700s co-sleeping was a normal thing around the world. It was not until the 1800s when the western society moved away from co-sleeping to an independent sleeping arrangement claiming the child willRead MoreA Goodnight Sleep: Is Co-Sleeping a Good Idea? Essay646 Words   |  3 PagesSome parents of infants think co-sleeping is beneficial, however; experts do believe that this practice is very dangerous. Every parent has the decision to co-sleep (sharing a bed with your baby), its weather they do or not that counts. There are reasons parents decide for or against, for example; if you’re a heavy sleeper, you might accidently roll over and suffocate your child. You might not realize that something like could happen, but it can. â€Å"Most parents just figure it will be easier for them Read MoreLong Before We Are Very Smart Beings Essay1344 Words   |  6 Pagesneeds, before they begin to cry, by doing this they should have a better personality. Constantly touching your child and help them with their self-regulation. This can be done by physical touch. Your child should not be taught to sleep alone, instead co-sleep. Do not let your child cry it out, because they will give up on you and think you will never come and take care of them. Once your child is around the age of 3, then they can try to sleep by themselves. It is best though for your kid to make thisRead MoreSleeping Problems Of Children And Children1592 Words   |  7 PagesEngl 101 academic writing Dr. Chism Sleeping Problems in Children If you ask all the parents in the world about the cutest moment of their baby, the most common answers should be while the baby is sleeping. However, young children may demonstrate a variety of difficulties related to sleep. Millions of parent’s sleeping schedule are disordered by those lovely little nightmares. In this Inquiry essay, I have chosen to write about that what may cause sleeping problems on infants that also affectRead MoreWhy I Believe in Attachment Parenting Essays1522 Words   |  7 Pagesfoundation of attachment in order to have proper brain development. I cover why I believe so much in this parenting style. It is a very connected way to raise and respond to children. It covers the elements that make-up this parenting style including: co-sleeping and baby wearing. Also, cover some of the objections to this parenting style and address them with counter claims. Children get to separate from the parent(s) when they are ready and aren’t pushed to advance to early in life. When the child becomesRead MoreCo-sleeping: Sleep and Bed2308 Words   |  10 PagesAlthough taboo in Western culture, co-sleeping is making a comeback. After the retraction of previous statements against co-sleeping, Dr. Richard Ferber, child sleep guru, has now sided with a family’s decision to share a bed with their infants. Although the American Society of Pediatrics warns that sleeping with your infant can increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, the exact cause of SIDS is still unknown. The emotional benefits of sharing a bed with your baby can be enormous and someRead MoreThe Emerging Use of Mattresses in History: Cultural Differences in Sleeping Patterns979 Words   |  4 Pages Cultural differences in sleeping patterns The way that we sleep feels so natural, it may come as a surprise that sleeping in separate beds on an elevated mattress is quite particular to specific cultures and regions. The first hunter-gatherers obviously did not have stationary places to rest upon and even the concept of an individual bedroom is fairly recent in the West. However, given the ubiquity of Western culture, many non-Western customs regarding sleeping habits have changed and grownRead MorePromoting a Healthy and Safety Environment in an Early Childhood Education Setting1353 Words   |  6 PagesThe essay will discuss three important aspects of sleeping facilitiesï ¼Å' nutrition and hand washing for a healthy environment in early childhood education. Learning and developments of children are greatly enhanced by a healthy environment. It will also explain three policies that relate to these aspects. Strategies will also be mentioned to elaborate on the aspects and policies. Families, communities and centres should work together to provide and promote a healthy upbringing of young children. It

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