Friday, February 7, 2020

Blog and nots Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Blog and nots - Essay Example The text is also more allusive, drawing on texts from various Mexican corridors and French feminist theory. Anzaldua character traits are of great importance for any philosophy of the social, within the writing. Critical insights of figures like of Derrida and Nietzsche as it relates to individual identity crafted out of a fractured heritage (Anzaldua). The author information is that, borders all lenders given that the human condition entails being stretched across the chasm of self-alterity. It is through full identification of this can a major inventory of the self-operate; that is a prerequisite for the responsibility and genuine care for oneself. In addition, the book opens up doors of consciousness for many in their own spiritual as well as a creative life. I, therefore, strongly recommend that one should read the book at night before sleeping. It is a literature that expands the dreams of consciousness. In a semi-autobiographical account, Anzaldua agrees with her Chicana lesbian identity to appreciate the components of its existence. In addition, author’s lesbian nature has traces of both female and male characters, but Anzaldua culture is a mixture of many different cultures and races. By employing English and Spanish in the writing, the author demonstrates that the literature of Chicana cannot be in one language. Cultural identity is of great importance to Anzaldua but claims that culture of individuals in power referring to men. Males make laws and the rules, laws, but it is women who transmit them. By going beyond the limits of either Mexican or American culture, Chicana literature gives a voice to individuals of the borderland. Apart from the physical border between Mexico and America, as well as the linguistic border between English and Spanish, Anzaldua also explains the boundaries of gender and sexuality in

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