Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Key Skill Essay

Ensure your work is blameless and clear and is relieve appropriately You charter to countenance achieved Key Skills 9 and 10. In summing up your teacher gather ups to cast verified that the work is both accurate and clear. This means they need to have supplied a written statement apothegm that the work is accurate. They micklenot do this is there be any mistakes so stigmatise the work clearly.Advantages and Disadvantages of employ ICT for this task Demonstrate knowledge of how IT can avail you in your work and be able to compare your use of IT with otherwise methods You need to write nigh how IT helped you to produce your presentation. This tycoon include spell-check fashioning sure that the words were spelt correctly, or the use of cut and feast to move objects around the page to try out different layouts. The second base part of this Key Skill needs you to write astir(predicate) how else you might have done this presentation. You need to compare creating computer generated presentation with some other method maybe using a drop a line and pencil.The advantages and disadvantages of using IT You need to list at least both advantages and two disadvantage of using IT to write the horizontal surface. Example You might have used a pen and paper. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a pen and paper to write the story against using a computer? You must make sure that you have covered both the advantages and the disadvantages.Example Disadvantages might include cost of computer hardware software and peripherals or time spent learning how to use the programs call for to search, find and use schooling The Importance of Copyright and Confidentiality When it is necessary to let out copyright or confidentiality You need to write a few lines intimately copyright what it is and how it affects you and the pictures you have found on the internet and CD/Clipart. You can present screen shots fro m the site maneuvering copyright information or copies of emails sent and receiving permission to use graphics, text and photographsYou can write about confidentiality what it is and how it does/does not affect you. You could refer to the lack of personal information and the feature that the Data Protection Act (1998) does not affect you. Example You have not used pictures of yourself or other young people which could let on them Error Handling and Virus Protection How to identify errors and their causes You give need to show, using screenshots, of errors and how to solve them. This can show the use of the office assistant, or searching for a web page that returns a not know error. It could be a picture of the spell check identifying a spell out error.How to minimise risks from viruses You will need to provide a description of how to keep off getting viruses from floppy disks or from Internet downloads, including the purpose and use of virus checkers and how they prevent and remove a virus. A couple of paragraphs are all that is required.Health and Safety MattersWork safely and take carry off of equipment, avoid losing information and know how to get help when dealing with errors You will need to write a paragraph about Taking precaution of equipment e.g. storage of disks You must not put your disks near a magnet as this will delete the content, not throwing them around Avoiding loss of information e.g. use of AutoSave or backup.Saving information onto disks as well as the account at school Obtaining help e.g. on-line help, telephone choke or teacher assistance.  I could not work out how to specify the margins so I used the online help (screenshots here) You need to show (through screenshots) that you have backed up your files.How to work safely and minimise health risks You need to write a short paragraph about two health and two safety risks involved in using computers. You may write about the use of anti-glare screens and taking a break from using the computer to rest your eyes or wrists. You may write about repetitive strain injuries from not having the correct keyboard and backache from not having the correct chair. mean about the rules in your computer room not drinking in a computer room, trailing cables or bags in the aisle.

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